Monday, December 30, 2013

Soldiers do give kisses

(Sorry this letter is out of order...I just found it sitting in drafts and didn't want to miss it)

Happy November everyone!
This Week was a slow and a testimony building week.
It started out with a Zone conference on Tuesday, where the church has come out with a new book to help with missionary stress. My stress level has gone down a lot in this area since I've been done with the tax audit and taken care of other things which is nice.  I don't have that much stress on my shoulders. Since Sunday was Fast and Testimony meeting I didn't have to have a talk ready "just in case" someone wasn't there, although I did have to give an emergency lesson in priesthood.
This week had been a little bit colder but it is expecting to be warming up a lot.
We also found a nice cute little family this week, of a man and his wife (I hope they are married) and they have a little daughter that turned 3 on Jade´s Birthday.  She's a super cute little girl. She was playing with some soldiers and she was making them kiss and I told her that soldiers don't kiss and she looked at me like I had just told her that Santa wasn't real and she started to cry so we had to tell her that soldiers do give kisses, and she went away happily making the soldiers kiss, haha, just a cute little family.
Halloween, it's kind of a holiday that is starting, and it has mixed feeling. Half the people think that it is a gringo holiday, a quarter don't care and a quarter actually celebrate it. Most people open the door to trick or treaters and yell at them saying that its a gringo holiday or that its of the devil and stuff like that. They just can't celebrate a good holiday. The day after is more of a holiday as they call it "Dia de los Santos" and its similar to memorial day where all go the cemetery and put flowers on the graves and give a prayer to them (Catholic holiday).
They also had an evangelical holiday and we have had the privilege of evangelicals yelling and singing outside our house.
Chile has so much faith but its focused in the wrong things.
Well, that was our week, maybe next will be a bit more exciting.
Love, Elder Nelson