Monday, June 25, 2012

Y-AA!!! Our First Letter!

Well, this week has been a busy one, there is alot of work and when I'm in the intermediate class, it really is intermediate. From day one, we only speak in spanish and our ward is even in spanish. We taught our first investigator yesterday, it was dificult but this is the best way to learn our spanish by full immersion. Our branch is even in spanish with everybody in it being in the intermediate class or the advanced class, for instance, every sunday we have to prepare a different talk on a gospel topic in spanish and on sunday. weare called on at random to speak. Its kindof hard but its good for us. We also learned how to pray and bear our testimony in spanish, I'm even starting to think a little in spanish.

Thanks so much for the package, i got it yesterday and have really enjoyed the stuff you gave me. Also say thank-you to the dogs, i appreciated their gifts as well.

Well my companion is named Elder Wood, he is from Sacramento, CA. We get along well, and in my room is two other elders and they are both from CA, so i am the only one from Idaho, stuck with some californians, but its fun becasue we are all going to the Chile, Osorno mission and we are the only ones in our district that are.Everybody else is going to panama, honduras, guatemala, arizona or texas. Its been just busy here for the firsst couple days, i feel like i have been in here forever already, and its only saturday, but everybody just keeps saying, "If you can make it to sunday, everything will be good". I'm almost there.

The new mission presidents are currently in the MTC today, finishing their training and because of that i have heard that alot of General Authorities will be walking around. I've only seen 2 mission presidents and no generaly authorities, so i'll ;et you know if i happen to see any or if they come for sacrament meeting on sunday becasue we are having a missionwide sacrament meeting.

There is also alot of memorising that we have had to do, so far we have had to memorize the "Proposito de Missionares", or the goal of missionaries, and in the coming weeks we have to memorize the first vision, the articles of faith and D&C 4. Im nervous for that.

Hows everything been going at home? You need to let me know who won on the NBA finals and what happened (Let dad tell me). Btw, the only bad thing about my roommates is none of them like basketball haha but we'll get it worked out. You guys also have to dearelder me when summer has her baby, im excited to hear how that goes, just make sure shee follows through with her promise of naming her after me.

Well in the future, just so you know, my P-Day is on friday, so expect letters then, I also will have some pictures that i will try to send to you on friday, we have an awesome view from our window in our room, its facing the mountains and you can see the temple right below it. I'll send a picture of that, as well as one with my roommates and companion.

Well i hope everything is going well.

Love you and give my love to everyone

Elder Jentry Nelson
Hey, I forgot to tell you that right after i was dropped off, I went through the building to get my name tag, and waiting outside that building was Elder Kumferman, and Elder Kaur, as well as while i was walking up with my host after our goodbyes, i passed elder Blanchard, who was saying his good byes, and ive ran into elder blanchard and elder kumferman, 3 or 4 times since then, as well as many other friends who i went to high school with. The next time i see them, i am hopefully going to have to take a picture of them, especially since elder kaur only has another week, elder kumferman has about 5 more haha.
Also give my love to the dogs, i sure do miss them and all of you guys
Elder Nelson

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Adios Amigo for Two Years!

Well, he's on his way. June 20th finally arrived!  It seemed so far away.
 He was so excited to get going.  Not without nerves, that's for sure. We were able to fit everything into his 2 suitcases and probably couldn't get one more thing in them.
Tuesday night he chose Rodizios for his special dinner before being set apart.  A very special thank you to President Jerry Burton of the Salt Lake Grant Stake and Bishop Urquiti of the Ridgedale Ward for their kindness,  love and support of Jentry and for the wonderful setting apart blessing that was given to Jentry.  It was such a spiritual boost for him.
Wednesday morning he requested Huckleberry pancakes for breakfast (of which mom & Jentry have special memories of fixing and eating together), some very, very teary good-byes to Oscar & Tanner, our 4-legged family members, and then we were headed off to Provo for the 1:10pm curbside drop off!
Knowing that it would be 2 long years without Taco Bell....that was our last stop.
So many of you are wondering how the quick drop off vs. the extended drop off version...
Although still tears among the goodbye's it was oh so much better.  There were a lot of elders there ready to greet the greenies and we were allowed one quick picture.  Then they were whisked off!  We got back in the car and were pointed to the exit and that was that!  It was an emotional day and our thought and prayers are with Jentry and hopefully we'll soon get our first letter!  (Pics to come soon!)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Jentry's Contact information

Hello Facebook Friends of Jentry!
Here is contact information for him.  I will put it on the front page of his blog, but just to get it to you quickly, Here it is.  Please feel free to send him lots of Hello's and well-wishes throughout the next 2 years.  He will love it!
Packages & Letters til August 21st:
Elder Jentry Dale Nelson
MTC Mailbox #276
CHI-OSO  0821
2005 N. 900 E.
Provo, UT  84604-1793

Send an email to:

Send a free letter any day:  1. go to  2. Choose  write a letter  3. Provo, MTC
Fill in your return address then fill in his MTC address.  4. Write Letter  5. Click Send
If you send it before noon, he will get it that afternoon/evening.

Adios Amigos!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Here I go again....My 2nd Missionary Blog

Here I am again, starting another missionary blog for Jentry as he is heading to the Chile Osorno mission.  Of course it's bitter sweet.  It's a mother's greatest joy with lots of tears and fears.
We're getting ready.  It's a one week count down from today til the dreaded MTC drop off.
The Missionary farewell on Sunday was wonderful.  Jentry's talk was awsome!  We had a lot of family and friends to share in the big send off.  A big THANK YOU!! to Jill & Carlos for coming to the rescue when bad weather tried to ruin the day. 
Also, so many traveled a lot of miles and rearranged their schedules to be with us on Sunday and we love and appreciate your support.  It meant so much to Jentry and our family.
So go ahead, bookmark this as a favorite and stop by anytime to read Jentry's missionary updates.
The title of this blog comes directly from the kind letter the mission president sent to Jentry.  He reiterated it 3 times that: "It's Chilly in Chile".  
Grandpa Nelson also referred Jentry to Elder Holland's Oct 2004 talk where he mentioned that "if the saints in Puntarenas (part of Jentry's mission) didn't step up to do their callings then the southern most stake in the world would have to be staffed by penguins".