Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Giant Things

Another hot week.  We're burning up down here.  It has been around 30 degrees Celsius and very humid all week. It reminds me of Kansas. 

It was a good week though, we found some really good people. It's just hard because a lot of them work in tourism or at the Theater at the Lake which they are in their busy season right now. 
There are many tourists here from all over the world: Argentina, Germany, France and Brazil. I still haven't talked to anyone from the states yet, but most people from Europe still talk English. 
We are finally helping our investigators progress. The biggest problem that I have seen is the amount of people who could care less if the Book of Mormon is true or if what we say is true.  I have also been having a feeling as we have changes next week that my time in Frutillar is coming to an end. Even the members and investigators have been saying it. We were teaching a lesson and at the end when we were getting ready to leave, the person turned to me and said yo creo que Ud. se va a ir, which is "I think that you are going", and then she asked me for a picture and my information to write me during and after, and then other people have also been coming and saying that they think I'm about to leave and they want me to come say good bye. Its a weird feeling leaving the kuna of cradle, but it will be good, we'll just wait and see what happens this next cambio.  I sure do love it here. There are some great people here that I am going to miss, but it will be good to move on to another area. 
This week start the Semanas Musicales which are the musical weeks which is about 10 days of concerts and stuff like that, so it will be packed in Frutillar with people.
Another cool thing this week is that Marcos, got his first calling to serve as the secretary of the Elders Quorum, which is just awesom! I just wish he had a little more time to be around, he is still working a lot, but I was talking to the Elders in Lanquihue and Puerto Varas, and they said that if you take a bus with Marcos as the driver, he never makes the missionaries pay, even if he doesn't know them. He's pretty great!

Love you all!
Love Elder Nelson

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Hola Familia!
Wow, another very hot week here in Frutillar, Chile, hovering around the 90´s, and that includes a lot of  humidity, so it feels even hotter. I'm getting more tan and catching up to the chileans. This week I did an intercambio which is an exchange with another elder in the my district. I stayed in the sector and directed it with Elder Chamorro from Santiago, its amazing to be able to communicate with someone all day in Spanish. We had fun and went to Frutillar  Bajo, which has so many tourists right now the beach is loaded with people. So we don't have too many investigators in Frutillar Bajo and we showed up at an appointment and they weren't there so we called this guy named Mauricio, and he told us to come back in 30 minutes, so we went and found a place called Kuchenladden which makes this stuff called Kuchen, which is like a gelatin cake.  It is very popular down here and very German. I don't really know how to explain it. But they had some some of the best tres leches cake I have ever had, so they do have tres leches in all parts of the world.

Today for P-Day, we did a district activity and went to a little town called Puerto Octay which is about 30 minutes from Frutillar in a bus. We got there and soon realized that there isn't anything other than really old German buildings, but that's just like here in Frutillar. Another fun fact that I found out this week is that the man who invented the gas chamber that was used in killing Jews in Germany.  He moved to Frutillar after the war and he still has family here. His name is Rolf or something like that.
But there is just a lot of tourists here right now, and the beach is always filled with people. So I decided that I want to go to a beach when I get home, because I really miss swimming.Well I hope that nobody in Rexburg freezes to death this for the next couple weeks.  Stay warm...
Take Care, and love to you all,
Elder Nelson

Monday, January 14, 2013

Hace Calor! Hot!

Hey Familia,

Hot! Hot! Hot!  Wow! what hot temperatures we have been having! It is crazy to hear how cold you guys are when I am sweating and getting a nice tan here working in Chile.  The people finally believe me when I tell them that I am chilean. I have a great watch tan right now and have only been wearing short sleeves all week. Finally I am enjoying the nice weather here in Frutillar but I know in about 4 months, you guys will be the ones who are laughing when it is nice, and I am in the cold and rain again. 

This week we had the oppurtunity to have interviews with President Rappleye, which is always a good. I can't believe it is my second interview because we do them every other change, and it is my 4th already. Time sure goes by fast, but he encouraged me to think about the goals for this year and what I would like to accomplish this year specifically with the mission. So although January is half way over, I would encourage everyone to do the same, to think of what they would like to accomplish this year, and work hard for it. 

This week was also a good week as Marcos, who we baptized a few weeks ago was able to receive the priesthood. It  is one of the best feeling to see people who you've taught and baptized start to take hold of the gospel.

We also have been having many encounters with drunks lately. There is a drunk that keeps coming up to me and Elder Magaña and touching where our heart is and saying ¨There is your temple¨ haha, and then he gives us a hug which is gross... haha but its funny, when its hot outside, there are even more drunks.

Well, I hope that everyone doesn't get too cold there in the States as I am very very hot right now.

Well I love you all!
ELder Nelson

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Short Sleeves

Hola Familia y Amigitos

What a very hot week! I wore a short sleeve shirt almost all week and have been getting a good tan until yesterday when it rained all day.  We expect that the weather should be really nice this week as well. Remember this in June and July when I am freezing and you guys are dying from heat.
It's good to hear that everybody had a nice New Years. Ours was kind of calm. We didn't even stay up but we were awakened at midnight by the fireworks. The holiday, for most people, is just an excuse to get drunk and lay in the street. On Saturday, my companion and I were contacting someone and a drunk person came up and starting yelling and swearing at us and acting like he was going to hit us.  We didn't flinch so he grabbed my tie and pulled on it trying to rip it off.  He was a mean drunk. Most of them are nice drunks who just want money.

Also on New Year's Eve we went and had dinner with our mamita´s family where we had a whole bunch of meat.  Here are a couple pictures of our papito cooking the new years eve dinner which is a whole bunch of different types of meat on an outdoor barbeque spit. It was very delicious and I was really full afterwards.

Well the summer tourists have finally arrived in Frutillar.  We were in Frutillar Bajo this week and around the beach is packed becuase it is so hot. We are teaching a really good family in Frutillar Bajo which is nice or else we would avoid it.

This week I also had the opurtunity to do an intercambio with my district leader named Elder Colque from Bolivia.  He's a good Elder. It's crazy that I am able to communicate with a person for 24 hours in spanish. I love it! Its a pretty cool thing for me to be able to talk and think in Spanish and I feel like it is coming along really well. 

I wish everyone a prosperous New Year!  I can't wait to see you all next year in 2014!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Feliz Año Nuevo

Hola Familia y Feliz Año Nuevo

It sure was great and a lot of fun having the oppurtunity to talk to everyone for Christmas. I am already looking forward to Mothers day. This week, wasn't the most eventful, on Christmas Eve, we taught a lesson and then went into our home to spend the rest of Christmas Eve. We couldn't really be outside, but it was nice because I could finally sleep the night on Christmas Eve unlike times in the past. On Christmas, we ate lunch with the mamita which was a lunch of meat and potatoes. Very good meal. Then we went over to skype at a members house which afterwards they made us crepes. Afterwards we went and taught a lesson and when we were done they wanted to give us more cookies and this bread called pan de pascua that I dont like (It is kind of like a fruitcake only worse, with the taste of black licorice). I was so full by the time that we got to that house that I didn't want to eat but I didn't want to offend them either so I ate it willingly, although I had a hard time walking home. Well, I sure do miss all the old family traditions  of Christmas and New Years, I think that was the hardest part, the only traditions that people have here in Chile is get drunk, and a ton of people get drunk. I'm ready for the holidays to be over, because then there are less drunks. It is also finally starting to heat up, we´ve been having about every other day is hot and then the next it rains. I hope this doesn't continue for a while as I am ready for a nice summer.

This night (New Year's Eve) as well, we just go to bed, it is just another day in the mission world, but I hope that everybody has a safe and fun time to close out this holiday season.

Love to you all,
Elder Nelson