Friday, December 28, 2012

Feliz Navidad 2012

Hola Familia y Amigos- Feliz Navidad!

I hope everybody is having a great Christmas time, I sure am. It's nice and I am very blessed and am reminded alot about how blessed I am being in Chile and having the opportunity to serve others at this time in the year. 
This week has been one of the rainiest and coldest since we left winder, including the first day of summer which was Dec. 21st.  It was very, very rainy and cold, I'm kind of disapointed because I thought that it was finally warming up and going to be summer, but I might not get a summer this year.

This week, I went up to the house of the President of the Branch to introduce my new compaion and he told me something awesome, Marcos who got baptized and confirmed last week, went up to him and asked how he can begin to start paying tithing. Monica is still teaching gospel principles too. It is an awesome feeling seeing people take hold of the gospel and doing the right thing. I love this family alot and am excited to be a part in their advancement and growth in the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This Friday, we also had a branch Christmas party with Santa, it was a good success with a good turn out. We watched the Christmas Devotional talk by President Monson and then the missionaries sang a song and then we played games. It was fun, and we got a couple of investigators to attend. I have also still been playing the piano in sacrament meeting which is great and the branch really loves it, as I have been playing christmas songs, and the branch can learn new songs. 

Well I hope that everybody is having a great holiday season. I love you all and feel so blessed to have the support and the love. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for the great examples around me. I pray that everyone can strive to keep the true meaning of Christmas in their hearts at all time, and always reamember Him. Remember ``He who gives money, gives a lot; he who gives time, gives even more; but he who gives of himself, gives everything´´
Feliz Navidad to all of my loved ones, friends, family and people who read my blog even if I don't know you, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

Love Elder Jentry Nelson

"Good-Bye" Elder Rupp

Hola Todos!
I sure have had a busy week. Monday was normal but on Tuesday we went to a Zone conference in Puerto Montt, and we didn’t end up getting home until 7, but it was fun, we all got Santa hats and goodies from President and Hermana Rappleye, sang Christmas songs and gotto mingle with everybody.
Wednesday, me and Elder Rupp went to Puerto Varas to go to the medical clinic there because Elder Rupp has an Uña encarnarda or a ingrown toenail, so that killed up a good portion of the day as we didn’t get home, and he set up another appointment to get that toenail removed on Friday. Thursday we had the baptism of Marcos which was a very awesome and spiritual service. I played a special musical number from the Paul Cardall book (Im the branch pianist now as I have played at every meeting for the last 2 months), Elder Rupp baptized, his wife gave a really good talk on the holy ghost, and afterwards, he was given the opportunity to bear his testimony, he got up to the podium, and said he loves his wife so much and then he started crying and couldn’t finish anything, so he went and sat down.  Very powerful.  He will be a great member, that family went through a lot in order to be baptized as in getting married and changing work, and now it just starts the wait in order to go to the temple and be sealed as a family which is already their goal.

On Friday, we went to the doctor for the surgery of Elder Rupp. That surgery took all day as we had to be at the office at 4 and we didn’t get home until 8, the removed his toenail completely and it is now pretty nasty looking, he hasn’t been able to walk for a while, so after the surgery when we got home I went straight to bed and ended up sleeping 11 hours from 8 until 7, it felt so good and refreshing. Saturday was just any old day, I did changes with the other elders parts of the days this weekend in order to get work done in our sector, which we ended up teaching a little, it was a difficult week, because we didn’t have that much time to work.

Sunday at church, I had the opportunity to confirm Marcos, which was a wonderful experience; kind of nervous though, I'm still a little shy talking in Spanish in front of big huge groups. Then in the Gospel Principles class, we go in and Monica was just barely called to teach that class. I don’t know how many missionaries have had the opportunity to be taught by someone they baptized but it was a great feeling, and she did a really good, especially after having been a member for a little more than a month.

After church we went to eat lunch at a members house, and there we received the call for transfers. I will be staying in Frutillar and my new companion is named Elder Magaña. He is Mexican-American from California who speaks both Spanish and English. It will be a lot of help. Elder Rupp is going to Puerto Montt, and Elder Brindley, the other gringo of the house is going to a place called Llanquihue. So I will soon be the only gringo (White person) in the house, with Elder Chomorro from Chile, his companion Elder Cauque qho is Bolivian, and my companion. Just one cambio from only having gringos in the house, my Spanish will improve a ton though which will be a really nice thing. I will send a pictures of my new companion next week as we change on Wednesday, so it will be different to be with someone else after being companions for 4 months with one person.

Also, it is still very cold and rainy, I might not even get a summer in Chile.
Well I hope that everything is going well. I love you all and am so thankful for everything that you do for me.
Love Elder Nelson
 Marcos Baptism Day - Elder Rupp and me
Our only baptisms in Frutillar but an awesome family with a lot of potential!
Churrasco, a huge sandwich that you have to eat with a fork and knife. Super delicious with steak, ham, fried egg, avacado, mayo, tomatoes and alot of fried onions
 Saying Good-bye to Elder Rupp
Our District before changes

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Hey Everybody.  How is it going?
Well it sure has been a wet week, Thursday the rain caught us coming back from lunch without anything, we got very wet as we didn't have anything to help, and it also started hailing very hard. That was interesting to see hail in Chile. This week we also taught alot of people, and this Friday, we are going to be having a baptism so next week we will be doing that with Elder Rupp baptizing Marcos and I will confirm him on Sunday. I am very excited for that. We will also find out the changes on Saturday so that will also be in my next email. I can't believe that I have been here for almost 4 months in Chile. The time sure goes by fast.

On Tuesday, I recieved the Christmas package from home and sure do love the stuff that I have opened. Especially the Reflections of Christ CD and the movies. I have already watched some of the movies with investigators, including the special witnesses of Christ. They are all great and I really enjoyed the candy too. I set up the tree but I forgot to take a pictre of the tree but will take one for next week. I also am not sure about the phone call situation right now but will still be emailing while I am here next Monday if you guys could go check the internet the Monday night that you are away, let me know where I need to send the email. I am very excited for all this to come.

Well, I hope that everybody in the states is enjoying this time of year, I sure am, it's a great time to be here, serving the Lord at this special time of the year, probably one of the most selfless christmas` that I have ever had.

I hope everybody keeps the real meaning of Christmas in their heart at this time of the year.
Love you all,  Elder Nelson

 We went to a cool place called saltos de Petruhue, a way cool place  


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Happy December

 Pichanga again...First Monday of every the way...I don't eat this by myself! 
A puppy that one of our investigators has.  She is so super cute.
I held her and she fell asleep in my lap while I taught a lesson.
Hola Family!
It is crazy to believe that it is December, time has been going really fast and we are almost going to have another change of companions in about 2 weeks. This week has been very rainy as I have had to accessorize with the whole rain gear stuff. It was exciting though because Marcos the husband of Monica found a new job so that he can go to church on Sunday and be baptized, so we have his baptism set for the 15th of December. It's really exciting. That will be a great Christmas present. They also ended up moving but only to a different part of our sector so me and Elder Rupp helped them move all of their furniture and beds and stuff this week, luckily the only day it didn't rain. There are a lot of Christmas decorations starting to go up in Frutillar which is making me a little homesick  but its all good, I'm getting really excited to talk to everybody in about 3 weeks, we´ll see if I´ve changed. Also I know that Jeni is going in this week to find out the gender and I don't want anyone to tell me what it is, I want to be surprised at Christmas and that way you can tell me in person. That's fun going back to Rexburg for the wedding, makes me think of what we were doing last year at this time.  I hope everybody is enjoying the holiday season.

Pórtense bien
Elder Nelson