Monday, December 9, 2013

Hot weather in Chile

Happy December everyone.

It was a great week, especially with the work, we were starting to find a lot more people to be teaching which is wonderful. We found some great people who I am hoping that start progressing, it was hard because we are still having the biggest problem with people that they aren't coming to church. But we are definitely starting to teach a lot more people which is a nice thing, as this sector has struggled a little bit in the past to find and help people to progress. It is going well.

Also on Tuesday, I had an intercambio where I had the opportunity to go to Castro (the capital of Chiloe and the city that has palofitas (houses on stilts), I went with a Chilean named elder Burgos which was a good time.

I have been continuing to play the piano a lot in church which is great, I played at a baptism that the sister missionaries in Ancud had, where I was also asked to pay for a special musical number in which the sisters sang. It is a good experience, only frustrating because nobody ever thinks to give me a little notice, but luckily I have been doing fine in all of my songs that I have been asked to play.

So we had a family home evening of the branch on Friday night, and I probably had the funniest time that I have had in my entire mission, we played the game two truths and a lie, where you say two truths and a lie in any order and the other people have to guess it, well a couple people didn't understand the concept at all, one who is kind of an odd guy (he is semi homeless but always talks to me and wants the branch president to make him a website to meet single members in Chiloe, but he is a weird guy and when it was his turn in the game, he told me the two truths which were the things that he always tells me and then we said and a lie and he thought for a second and  said "pass" , I was dying laughing, it was the best. 

This week was so hot, I actually didn't even leave with a jacket a couple days just wearing a short sleeve shirt. Just loving the sun right now and getting ready for a Christmas BBQ. It is great, I got really burnt the other day and it really hurt but it doesn't hurt that bad when if hear how cold it is for all of you.

I hope everyone is having a great week, getting ready for the Christmas season.

I love you all,

Love Elder Nelson