Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Feliz Navidad! and Bad Allergies!

Feliz Navidad!!

This last week was a good week, we are slowly finding a lot more people to be teaching which is great. We have been working really hard and are starting to see some more people that are ready to receive this gospel.

This Friday was great because we had a big family home evening in the church with all of the members and the missionary work was in charge of everything. We put the sisters in charge of the lesson and activity and the elders (elder Dunn and I) were in charge of the refreshments. The sisters shared something on love or something like that we weren't really there, so for the refreshments, we were going to do sopapillas (like little scones), but it was so hot that we decided to change it up and we made a ice cream sundae bar. That was such a big hit, they all loved it on this super hot day as it has been around 24-30 degrees Celsius, we had strawberries and chocolate syrup and nuts and a bunch of other tings and everybody loved it, I don't think that's something that they had really had before. 

This week, I ended up doing another intercambio with the zone leaders, I did it with an elder from Lima, Peru, and I stayed in Ancud directing the sector. We had a really good day.

Well, I had a really bad problem with my allergies (worse than that time we played mini golf), my eyes swelled up really bad to where I couldn't see and were really red. on Sunday in church, everybody thought that I had a black eye because my eye was so dark and huge and swollen, i may have discovered an allergy to cats, haha good, because I am never going to have cats anyway.

Well, I am very excited for this Christmas, it is going to be a great time, being able to serve the person, of which we are celebrating his birth. What a special time of the year. I am so thankful for our Salvador, and I know that He lives. We need to strive to keep the most Christ in christmas as possible ad really celebrate this special time. I know that i am far away from home but get to be a little closer this Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all.

Love, Elder Nelson