Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
Dear family and friends, I hope that all had a very Merry Christmas. I had some great highlights of this week. The biggest was the grand opportunity that I have two times every year to be able to talk with my family by Skype which was great. I got to see the new additions to the family with some new wiener dogs as well which was great to see everyone and crazy to think I have only one phone call home left.

Here in Chile, it is bigger to celebrate Christmas on the 24th with a lot of food that night and then Santa comes that day. It's a little different. We were invited to go to a party and I got a phone call from a member asking us if we would like to have a Santa suit, thinking that this party would be having a bunch of kids. I put on the Santa suit and took all the toys into the kids. They loved it except for a little girl who got really scared and wouldn't come near me haha. It was so great to see the face of some of the kids light up when they saw that Santa came. On Christmas day, it is a lot more relaxed and we went over to have a barbecue at our branch presidents house, where we had a bunch of lamb and pork, and they cook it on a pole, slowly rotating the stick. It was some really good food.

This week was also fun because I had a bad cough left over from my allergy experience.  I coughed for a couple days including Friday so I wasn't able to leave because I couldn't talk without coughing and ended up throwing up but I'm all good now. I was nice to be done with that problem and finally be back to working normally.  On Sunday I was able to play a special number for sacrament meeting - I Feel My Savior's Love.

Well, I guess after six short weeks in Ancud, it is already time for me to go. On Saturday, President Rappleye called me to tell me of my cambios. I am going back to Puerto Montt but as a Zone leader. My new companion will be Elder Miño from Argentina. It will be a good new responsibility. I will be learning a ton during that time.

Well, I wish everyone a wonderful and safe new year.

I love you all and am so thankful for all the love and prayers that you give me.

Love, Elder Nelson