Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Giant Things

Another hot week.  We're burning up down here.  It has been around 30 degrees Celsius and very humid all week. It reminds me of Kansas. 

It was a good week though, we found some really good people. It's just hard because a lot of them work in tourism or at the Theater at the Lake which they are in their busy season right now. 
There are many tourists here from all over the world: Argentina, Germany, France and Brazil. I still haven't talked to anyone from the states yet, but most people from Europe still talk English. 
We are finally helping our investigators progress. The biggest problem that I have seen is the amount of people who could care less if the Book of Mormon is true or if what we say is true.  I have also been having a feeling as we have changes next week that my time in Frutillar is coming to an end. Even the members and investigators have been saying it. We were teaching a lesson and at the end when we were getting ready to leave, the person turned to me and said yo creo que Ud. se va a ir, which is "I think that you are going", and then she asked me for a picture and my information to write me during and after, and then other people have also been coming and saying that they think I'm about to leave and they want me to come say good bye. Its a weird feeling leaving the kuna of cradle, but it will be good, we'll just wait and see what happens this next cambio.  I sure do love it here. There are some great people here that I am going to miss, but it will be good to move on to another area. 
This week start the Semanas Musicales which are the musical weeks which is about 10 days of concerts and stuff like that, so it will be packed in Frutillar with people.
Another cool thing this week is that Marcos, got his first calling to serve as the secretary of the Elders Quorum, which is just awesom! I just wish he had a little more time to be around, he is still working a lot, but I was talking to the Elders in Lanquihue and Puerto Varas, and they said that if you take a bus with Marcos as the driver, he never makes the missionaries pay, even if he doesn't know them. He's pretty great!

Love you all!
Love Elder Nelson