Monday, January 14, 2013

Hace Calor! Hot!

Hey Familia,

Hot! Hot! Hot!  Wow! what hot temperatures we have been having! It is crazy to hear how cold you guys are when I am sweating and getting a nice tan here working in Chile.  The people finally believe me when I tell them that I am chilean. I have a great watch tan right now and have only been wearing short sleeves all week. Finally I am enjoying the nice weather here in Frutillar but I know in about 4 months, you guys will be the ones who are laughing when it is nice, and I am in the cold and rain again. 

This week we had the oppurtunity to have interviews with President Rappleye, which is always a good. I can't believe it is my second interview because we do them every other change, and it is my 4th already. Time sure goes by fast, but he encouraged me to think about the goals for this year and what I would like to accomplish this year specifically with the mission. So although January is half way over, I would encourage everyone to do the same, to think of what they would like to accomplish this year, and work hard for it. 

This week was also a good week as Marcos, who we baptized a few weeks ago was able to receive the priesthood. It  is one of the best feeling to see people who you've taught and baptized start to take hold of the gospel.

We also have been having many encounters with drunks lately. There is a drunk that keeps coming up to me and Elder Magaña and touching where our heart is and saying ¨There is your temple¨ haha, and then he gives us a hug which is gross... haha but its funny, when its hot outside, there are even more drunks.

Well, I hope that everyone doesn't get too cold there in the States as I am very very hot right now.

Well I love you all!
ELder Nelson