Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Hola Familia!
Wow, another very hot week here in Frutillar, Chile, hovering around the 90´s, and that includes a lot of  humidity, so it feels even hotter. I'm getting more tan and catching up to the chileans. This week I did an intercambio which is an exchange with another elder in the my district. I stayed in the sector and directed it with Elder Chamorro from Santiago, its amazing to be able to communicate with someone all day in Spanish. We had fun and went to Frutillar  Bajo, which has so many tourists right now the beach is loaded with people. So we don't have too many investigators in Frutillar Bajo and we showed up at an appointment and they weren't there so we called this guy named Mauricio, and he told us to come back in 30 minutes, so we went and found a place called Kuchenladden which makes this stuff called Kuchen, which is like a gelatin cake.  It is very popular down here and very German. I don't really know how to explain it. But they had some some of the best tres leches cake I have ever had, so they do have tres leches in all parts of the world.

Today for P-Day, we did a district activity and went to a little town called Puerto Octay which is about 30 minutes from Frutillar in a bus. We got there and soon realized that there isn't anything other than really old German buildings, but that's just like here in Frutillar. Another fun fact that I found out this week is that the man who invented the gas chamber that was used in killing Jews in Germany.  He moved to Frutillar after the war and he still has family here. His name is Rolf or something like that.
But there is just a lot of tourists here right now, and the beach is always filled with people. So I decided that I want to go to a beach when I get home, because I really miss swimming.Well I hope that nobody in Rexburg freezes to death this for the next couple weeks.  Stay warm...
Take Care, and love to you all,
Elder Nelson