Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Feliz Año Nuevo

Hola Familia y Feliz Año Nuevo

It sure was great and a lot of fun having the oppurtunity to talk to everyone for Christmas. I am already looking forward to Mothers day. This week, wasn't the most eventful, on Christmas Eve, we taught a lesson and then went into our home to spend the rest of Christmas Eve. We couldn't really be outside, but it was nice because I could finally sleep the night on Christmas Eve unlike times in the past. On Christmas, we ate lunch with the mamita which was a lunch of meat and potatoes. Very good meal. Then we went over to skype at a members house which afterwards they made us crepes. Afterwards we went and taught a lesson and when we were done they wanted to give us more cookies and this bread called pan de pascua that I dont like (It is kind of like a fruitcake only worse, with the taste of black licorice). I was so full by the time that we got to that house that I didn't want to eat but I didn't want to offend them either so I ate it willingly, although I had a hard time walking home. Well, I sure do miss all the old family traditions  of Christmas and New Years, I think that was the hardest part, the only traditions that people have here in Chile is get drunk, and a ton of people get drunk. I'm ready for the holidays to be over, because then there are less drunks. It is also finally starting to heat up, we´ve been having about every other day is hot and then the next it rains. I hope this doesn't continue for a while as I am ready for a nice summer.

This night (New Year's Eve) as well, we just go to bed, it is just another day in the mission world, but I hope that everybody has a safe and fun time to close out this holiday season.

Love to you all,
Elder Nelson