Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Short Sleeves

Hola Familia y Amigitos

What a very hot week! I wore a short sleeve shirt almost all week and have been getting a good tan until yesterday when it rained all day.  We expect that the weather should be really nice this week as well. Remember this in June and July when I am freezing and you guys are dying from heat.
It's good to hear that everybody had a nice New Years. Ours was kind of calm. We didn't even stay up but we were awakened at midnight by the fireworks. The holiday, for most people, is just an excuse to get drunk and lay in the street. On Saturday, my companion and I were contacting someone and a drunk person came up and starting yelling and swearing at us and acting like he was going to hit us.  We didn't flinch so he grabbed my tie and pulled on it trying to rip it off.  He was a mean drunk. Most of them are nice drunks who just want money.

Also on New Year's Eve we went and had dinner with our mamita´s family where we had a whole bunch of meat.  Here are a couple pictures of our papito cooking the new years eve dinner which is a whole bunch of different types of meat on an outdoor barbeque spit. It was very delicious and I was really full afterwards.

Well the summer tourists have finally arrived in Frutillar.  We were in Frutillar Bajo this week and around the beach is packed becuase it is so hot. We are teaching a really good family in Frutillar Bajo which is nice or else we would avoid it.

This week I also had the opurtunity to do an intercambio with my district leader named Elder Colque from Bolivia.  He's a good Elder. It's crazy that I am able to communicate with a person for 24 hours in spanish. I love it! Its a pretty cool thing for me to be able to talk and think in Spanish and I feel like it is coming along really well. 

I wish everyone a prosperous New Year!  I can't wait to see you all next year in 2014!

Elder Nelson