Monday, July 2, 2012


It's always fun to be at my at my computer and get...Hi Mom! are you there....
Friday's are Jentry's P-day and so I stuck close to my computer to hopefully get the chance to chat back and forth with email.  Sure 10:25 here came the email I've been waiting for all week.

Hello everyone!
So this has been a good week. The devotional on Tuesday was awesome. In attendance were 110 mission presidents and their wives. Countless seventy, the entire presidency of the seventy and Elder Bednar, Holland, Christofferson, Perry, Nelson, Oaks, Anderson, Cook, Ballard, and Scott. With Elder Perry speaking at it. It was wonderful and was amazing how much i could feel the spirit when you have everyone singing "Called to Serve". I have never felt the spirit that strongly in my life and i love how it continues to grow, as my love for the gospel grows. And Wednesday while we were coming back from the fields, we elder Oaks and Scott waved in my general direction. It was an awesome experience, and then we got to cap off a good week by going to the temple this morning. How neat being in a session that is over 2/3 missionaries.
I feel like my Spanish is coming along nicely, we finished teaching our investigator and he is now one of our teachers, so now we have a new investigator. Its hard to do all this because we feel like we only know how to speak but speaking the gospel in Spanish is a whole new game. Its cool though how i feel that my Spanish is at its finest when i am teaching the gospel and i know that it is the Lord pleasing me, and i love to see how the lord continues to bless me with the gift of tongues or "el don de lenguas". Its also starting to get fun where i think in Spanish and pray in Spanish almost all the time whether it is my personal prayer or it is in my companionship prayer or in front of the class. I can say more things in Spanish while praying than i can while praying in English.
Thats so cute about Oscar, i miss that guy so much. Most of my companions already know how much i love oscar and miss him.
Well, I hope you have an awesome week and love hearing from you on Friday and on my p-day. Its the best part of the week because the rest is just 16 hour days where about 10 of those is in a class.
I love you so much and hope that everyone is doing well.
Thanks for everything
Love Elder Jentry Nelson