Friday, July 27, 2012

Pioneer Day in the MTC

Hows everything going?

THanks for the pictures,  i sure enjoyed them. Its good to hear that you are having a great time and that you had a fun birthday with everybody.
Time is sure starting to go fast, my district is almost the oldest district in the Zone. Thats hard to believe, im really starting to get excited, its definately coming up soon. We ended up not really having anything special happen for pioneer day, we just sang a couple pioneer songs and they talked about it, the fireside speaker made a joke about how we get the 24th off and he looked at President Brown (the MTC pres) and he shook his head no. We had another awesome devotional given by an emeritus seventy Gary J Coleman. He did an awesome job talking about the truthfulness of the book of mormon, and how what we do is to invite people to come unto christ. He was actually trying to be a catholic priest when he came across a book of mormon. He also had his whole family there including a grandson in the MTC.

My spanish is really improving, i have been told by a handful of people how much i have improved. I have also been teaching some of my best lessons that i have ever taught. Its amazing how much te Lord can help me with whatever i need. I think thats the thing that i have gained the most out of the MTC is how much the Lords hand is in every single thing that i do. I  love it! I have also been studying more about the characteristics of Christ and I feel so great to be able to say that i am going to be a a representative of Christ. He was truly an amazing person in all he did, i hope i can be half the teacher he was and i know that i can through him.

So i ran into one of the Farmer kids from Grants Pass, he looked just like him so i went up and talked to him a little and he is going to the Salt Lake Mission so keep our eyes peeled. He didnt know who i am but he says he remembers you guys. He left this past week so he might be around. Growing up in and around utah i neer realized how many missionaries go to the UTah missions, but there are alot.

So I got a letter from everybody in the Shawn Nelson family and loved it, im planning on writing them today and am way excited for it, it was a cute letter and maya and tate both drew me pictures. There are other missionaries in my district who have pictures drawn by nieces and nephews and younger sibling, so i loved to get it. It made my day.

Well its good to hear that you guys are all having a great time, I love you all.

Thanks for everything!

Love Elder Nelson