Friday, July 6, 2012

4th of July in the MTC

This week has been getting better, I feel that we are getting more used to the schedule and the rain yesterday was nice. So Wednesday night, we had a 4th of July devotional and everyone showed up early so we sang songs for half an hour like popcorn popping, snowman etc. then we had a talk given by a former circuit judge and a solo by this sister missionary who sang you raise me up which was good, some elders played the violin and that was really good and then to include everyone who isn't American, they had some bagpipes come in with a missionary from every country here holding a flag. When we were done, it was around 10, and bed time is at 10:30, so one of the MTC presidency said that outside their was an ice cream bar and that we cant go back to our residency until after the fireworks, so we didn't go to bed until almost 11:30 which  made the next day waking up at 6: 30 much harder. IT was nice though although i wish we could've been wearing shorts haha. The temple is closed for a couple of weeks so today i had a lot of free time  but we didn't get to go to the temple but next week we get the opportunity to clean the temple for 3 and a half hours, that's going to be a neat experience. Tonight we have our first time in the training resource center where we have to teach volunteers who are native Spanish speakers, this should be a good experience but I'm kind of nervous for it.  
Elder Kumferman leaves on Tue.  He goes to Germany and then on to Ukraine.
Well, my entire room is going to Osorno, Elder Wood from Sacramento is my companion and he goes to BYU-I, Elder Zach Jensen from San Diego and he is actually in the department of Engineering at the U of U, and Elder Steven Hawkins from Irvine, California. Its fun and i really enjoy the room as well as all of the other people in my zone. I cant send pictures from the MTC, but I'm planing on mailing, probably next Friday, a SD card with a lot of pictures on it and if you could just take them off, clear my card and send it back to me that would be great.
So I've finally been playing basketball, most of the people in my district like soccer, but i have found a couple of people in my district who play basketball so we've been doing splits every once in a while.
I did get the package yesterday actually and loved it. The Animal cookies turned out great and my district loved them as I let everybody have some, they are already gone haha. I also love the chex mix, yes that is the kind I like.  I am loving all the studying, but i need a little break and that could be through sports.
I feel the studying has been going good, I am about halfway through the Jesus the Christ, as well as a lot of Spanish vocab.  I haven't had a real MTC Sunday schedule yet because we have had fast Sunday, When i do though i will let you know, we do have to prepare a talk for Sundays in Spanish, that should be a fun experience.
Well I love you and hope you have a great week, and will hand write you sometime this week with a SD card attached
Elder Nelson