Friday, July 27, 2012

Security Guard at the Temple - Sweet!

Good Morning.

This week hasn't been too eventful since Suday, on sunday we had an awesome fireside put on by Jenny Oaks Baker, and then I went back to my room and realized I had her CD, i wish we could listen to it here in the MTC but we can't so I will wait, i realized i am halfway through the MTC. Afterwards we watched Legacy which is a good movie. I really enjoy sundays with Firesides, Temple Walk, Pictures and Sacrament meeting, Im worried though becasue each week we have to write a sacrament talk in spanish and the Branch president randomly calls people to speak. Im hoping i dont get called but im making sure that i will be ready for anything.

On Tuesday we had a devotional by Vaughn J Featherstone, he is an emeritus seventy, i dont know if you've heard of him but hes old and very inteligent. He quoted a bunch of poems but i only picked up about half of everything. I feel my spanish has been improving even more lately, I can understand most of conversations, granted it is a teacher who is trying to help me. I am just trying to understand vocab right now but its going to pay off soon, i just want to talk to actual chileans to humble me haha. Other than that, nothing out of the ordinary has happened. i got my last immunizations yesterday (i payed for it with my credit card so make sure that gets taken care of), so my arm is kindof sore today. The other thing is not only is the temple closed but the gym is closed so i cannot play basketball until the 30th which is a bummer because you know how i feel about soccer... Although it is nice for my next p-day that the temple will be opened again. Last week for cleaning, i got to be the security guard and watch the front doors and scan the recommends of workers who came in, I only scanned a couple so i read the scriptures or a book that was there for about 3 hours, but it was better than what everybody else was doing in scrubbing tables and chairs. I also got a sweet  security badge that said provo temple security on it. I would've taken a picture of it but i was in the temple so i didnt. So since the temple has been closed, we've just been having alot more time on our p-day to take a nap and i really need it by the time p-day rolls arounds. Then i write letters, i got one from trevin on saturday but we cant write letters except on our p-days so i had to wait to write until today.

Well I hope everything is going well, and that mom has a great birthday. I love you guys and hope you guys have the best week and cant wait to write next week.

Love you!

Elder Jentry D Nelson