Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I have pics!!

Thank you for your patience...Pics are finally here. 
Here's a short letter from last week:

Well hello,
I hope everybody is doing well. This has just been a busy week, we are cleaning the temple this afternoon for 3 1/2 hours, so it should be a busy day, for a p-day we have been running around. And immediately after the temple we have a haircutting appointment and then dinner and TRC. Im startnig to really get into a solid habit and daily schedule and its really showing as time is going alot faster than the first couple weeks. I also have a friend from highschool who is on my floor for both my room and my classroom, as well as in my zone and branch, its nice to have a familiar face around, but he is only herer for 3 weeks because they sent the missionaries going to Guatemala after only 3 weeks in the MTC and they go to a MTC down there for the rest of their time. But i have also ran into my friend Baden quite a bit.
Its amazing how much my Spanish has improved in the 3 weeks i have been here. I taught my best lesson on Wednesday on the plan of salvation and i realize that there is still so much that i have to learn.
I was sad to hear about Ardeth Carlson,She was super nice and really cared about me, and I loved that. When i got my call or when i received the Melchizedek priesthood she congratulated me as well as she was sad that she couldn't be at my farewell.
This week my companion developed an allergy to peanuts so we got to leave the MTC and go to the BYU Urgent care, i got to rest as well and write letters, including the one to you. It was a nice rest from the busy 16 hour days.
 Jake & Jentry
 Jentry and buddies from Rexburg

 Boy #2 shaving legs in the MTC...is this a ritual?
 Group of 4 going to Osorno Chile

I got to play the piano in sacrament meeting and it went well, i played the Spanish equivalent of God speed the right, how great the wisdom and the love, and i know that my redeemer lives. I made a couple little mistakes.
Well I hope you guys have a great week, I love and miss you.
Love Elder Jentry D Nelson