Monday, May 12, 2014

See you next month!

May 5, 2014
Well family, I can't believe how another cambio has come and gone and now I am left with my very last one.
The weather has been really rainy this week but luckily today has been a great weather day, where I haven't needed a jacket but most other days I have been needing my big coat and thermals the entire day.
On Wednesday we had a talent show. We did it on Wednesday because there wasn't work or school on  Thursday and it was really nice. A lot of people ended up coming out and had a lot of participation from the member. We in the missionary work did the routine of a missionary using the midget man skit, Elder Wood was the head, me the hands and Elder Peterson the feet, it turned out really good and everyone enjoyed it. There was a couple of other fun create acts that people did as well.
This week was hard on the teaching side of things because everyone went on vacations out of town and so we had a lot of appointments fall but it ended up being a good week in the end as we had 4 investigators in church which was really good.
On Saturday we received the cambios and it looks like i am going to be ending my mission here in Rahue Bajo which i am really excited for. A Chilean named Elder Thomas is going to come in and be my companion. It is going to be crazy to think about going into my last cambio but it will be great.
I had a cool experience today, we were in a supermarket Jumbo which is almost like Wal-mart and a guy says: "Hi elder!" in English so we start talking. He is a Chilean that lives in Nebraska and is a professor at the university of Nebraska. He teaches political science. We were talking a good bit and we talked about Utah because he went there one time and wanted to go to temple square but wasn't able to. I got his number and email and told him when I get back to the states, if he comes to Utah, I will take him on a tour of temple square. He was a really nice guy.
Well, I am planning on calling at 6:30 Chilean time on Sunday which will be about 4:30 Utah time or 3:30 California time. I don't know the address that i will be using but do have a member and will see if they can get it set up before Sunday. I am excited to talk to everyone on Sunday.
I love you all!
Love Elder Nelson

PS. See  you all next month (I can say that now haha)