Tuesday, May 20, 2014

See you in a month!!

Dear Family,
Now starts the one month left countdown- it is incredible to think my two years are almost done.
This past week has been very cold and rainy but luckily we have a nice fire in the house and that keeps us pretty warm and dry which is a big blessing, We are getting into the winter time, but it is almost nicer when it rains because then it isn't so cold. When there's rain, it is a little warmer. Everyday now I have thermals and my rain pants in my backpack because it can rain at any moment!
I did an intercambio this week with an elder who is in his 2nd week in the mission, from Orange County, California. It was once again weird to be with someone who has so little time in the mission, but it helps me to be motivated and to still be a good leader and to set a good example for him which is important as he is so young in the mission. The intercambio reminded me of my first zone leader who ended his mission when I ended my first cambio and that is how I will be.
It was a good sacrament meeting. My companion and I did a duet. He played the flute and I played the piano.  We did a hymn medley of Amazing Grace, As Now I Take the Sacrament and  How Great Thou Art.  Everyone absolutely loved it! Many people told us that it was the best sacrament meeting that they had been to because it was so different. It  has been nice to share my musical talents here in Chile.
We had a good week with less active members. We have been visiting a less active sister who went to church for the first time in about twenty-five years and loved church.  We also helped two other families to go to church for the first time in many years so that made it a good week. We are working hard and enjoying this last time.
Thanks for everything! Sorry the letters are getting shorter but that is going to make it so I have more to tell you in a month!

Love, Elder Nelson