Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Day! 2014

Happy May Day everyone!
It is amazing how fast April went! I can't even believe it!
This week was a extremely fast week as we were just constantly running the entire week, and I think that this coming week will be the same.
Well, in the whole week, we had 3 intercambios, including one with the AP`s. I went with Elder Amone again (the BYU linebacker) it was cool. We had a good day but also had to cut it short because we had a meeting with the stake president. I also did an intercambio with my MTC companion Elder Wood who is living with us right now and then another intercambio with an elder from Tremonton, UT. Just busy busy busy.
Good news! we had a baptism this weekend! It was little girl named Sofia. It was nice. Her uncle was the one who baptized her and it was a good service I had the missionaries do a special musical number: A Child's Prayer, which turned out nice although my companion vowed to never sing again.
This week, we are going to have a talent show for a ward activity, so there should be some pictures of that next week. We are still trying to think of some talent that we could do as the missionary work here in the ward, but I am sure that we can have it done.
This week, we are going to be having a zone leaders counsel which are always good and we always get to see old friends that we don't see very much which is nice.
Also the weather sure is starting to get cold, its crisp fall weather here right now and it's weird knowing I am going to go into summer soon.
I hope all is well,

Love, Elder Nelson
 Sophia's baptism by her uncle
 A wedding of an investigator...yes, we had to wear white ties