Friday, May 30, 2014

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!
Wow, this was a really long day and that explains the reason that I am writing so late.
This week we have been busy like always. I did a couple of intercambios this week, one with my ex companion Elder Dunn and the other with an elder that lives in the house named Elder Muiba. He is from Bolivia, they were both good. I think that is one of my favorite parts about being a zone leader are all of the intercambios that we do.
This week has been very cold. Some of the coldest days of the year so far but luckily without rain. It's a bittersweet thing because when it rains it is a little warmer. We have been lucky to have the privilege of a nice fire that keeps us warm at night time and almost everyone has a nice fire.
We had a good P-day today. We went on a trip to a city called Entre Lagos. The Mamita there is the mother of our Mamita so we went and ate lunch there with her.  It is gorgeous place with a big lake right there and lots of beautiful scenery. There was road construction so we ended up getting back a little later than expected and I am exhausted after a long day and we still have some work to do.
We are staying busy, and I am just trying to stay focused and everything,  just still a little anxious for everything.
I hope all is well.

Love, Jentry