Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Warming up in Sourthern Chile

Sept 30, 2013

Hey family, it was a crazy up and down week, especially with the news about Oscar. I was very sad to hear it but I know that he is being taken care of very well.
This week was a nice hot week, as the weather is finally starting to change which is really nice, it is not so cold all the time, and I am now working without my thermals (still use them to sleep) and for most of the afternoon most days I can work without a jacket until about 7ish at night, its been nice and seems like it will be a nice hot summer, while you guys are going into winter.

This week was a good test with us, it seems like we are back into trying to find new people as we had a handful of people tell us that they would prefer if we didn't come from now on, so that is always a little struggle but we are starting to find a lot more people, now we just need to see if they are going to start progressing or not.

Best of all this last week is a baptism that we had of a 17 year old girl, but it was the weird thing where I found out that she being and active member was never baptized and nobody ever knew, so we worked with salt lake to see if her records got lost or something but they found nothing, so we taught and baptized her, it turned out being a good baptism, her dad baptized her, a good showing and then there was a dinner afterwards. The baptisms always kill the day because we have to fill up the font which takes 4-5 hours, and just eats the Saturday time up, we also always have to clean the font every time because for some reason, it gets so dirty, but the baptism was good without any problems.

On Sunday, she had her confirmation, and then for the 5th Sunday, the branch presidency did a class for the 2 hours after church on family history using, the members really enjoyed it and I didn't realize how blessed I really am to have a good family history that is pretty good, still a little work is needed, but they all liked the website especially the pictures and stories, and how there are some lines that go back to 1300's, it makes me proud of my ancestry. Many of the Chileans, unless they can link their roots to Europe cant find anything very far because then they go to the indigenous Chileans and they don't have roots. My favorite was the first nelson to join the church had a stone quarry in Nauvoo, and the prophet came up to him and asked if he could buy some stone for the temple and I think Thomas nelson said no, but you can have all you want, it makes me super proud of all my ancestors from both sides, Erickson and Nelson, its some good people who have a good history of loving the Lord.

That was about it for the week, although I am really excited for this next week. I am doing an intercambio with the zone leaders in Puerto Montt and I have interviews with president on Thursday. To top it all out, we have the wonderful opportunity to listen to general conference where we can listen to our beloved prophet, it really is like the super bowl of missionary work, the only difference is that we get it twice a year. Take care all, watch conference and apply the things that you learn.

I gave a talk yesterday in church (because the speakers didn't show up again, so I prepared it during the opening announcements) about a bunch of ducks, that went to a party and in this party they learned how to fly, and they flew and flew and had a great time flying, when the party ended they got down and they went home walking.

We are literally listening to what God wants us to know (D&C 1:38), it really is the same if God is telling us or his servants.

I love everyone and appreciate the support that is given to me on my mission.

Love, Elder Nelson