Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! to everyone in the states and Happy November!  I sure can't believe how fast this year has flown in Chile. It's been a great year.

This week has had beautiful sunny spring weather. A handful of people are getting ready for Halloween. It's not really that big here, only with the people who are trying to copy the states in everything.
This week,  about half of the branch of Los Muermos went to the temple which made me really miss the temple. That is one of the things that this mission has made me really appreciate--the joy of having a temple so close to us. I hope that I can always value it the same way as the people here in los Muermos who had to travel 13 hours to arrive.  I had hoped that everyone here in los Muermos would have this same desire but unfortunately there are some who don't have that same feeling.

So I will be anxious to go to the temple again.

We had a long week of walking, my companion got a pedometer from home so we have been counting how many miles we walk everyday, One day we were teaching a lot and we only walked about 9.5 miles, but Saturday we had a lot of appointments that fell through, and only taught a little and we ended up walking 19 miles that day with only a little teaching in the end. That was a really long day of walking!!

On Sunday we had a really good meeting. Not too many were there this week, only 22 but the people who gave talks did very well. I conducted Sacrament Meeting which turned out very fine. I am always doing so many things on Sunday from conducting, helping with the sacrament, playing the piano, giving a talk or teaching a lesson. It will be nice the day when I can just sit in the audience and enjoy sacrament meeting and not worry about if people will show up to give their talks.

This week we have a zone conference where we will spend the day in Puerto Montt. That is always fun, but is always a long day with a lot of buses.

Well, don't get sick on trick or treat candy.
Love, Elder Nelson