Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Run over by a bus

Hello family!
We had an interesting Monday.  Right after we got done writing, me and my companion were walking to the bus terminal to go back to Los Muermos, and a guy started talking to us, turns out he was from the north of Chile. He is inactive but seeing us that day made him want to come back and go to church again when he gets back to the north.  So as we are talking, a crowd starts to form around the terminal, we ask someone what happened and they told us that a woman had been hit by a bus! We go see to look and sure enough, there was a women dead in the street, laying in a pool of blood!  We saw it when they declared her dead! It was so crazy.  She had tried to cross the street in a place where she shouldn't have and she didn't see a big bus which hit her. 

After that the week was fairly normal.  Just teaching and walking... We found this new little family. I love the little families, they are the most receptive and so cute.  We are really excited about teaching them.  Unfortunately it will be a little difficult to teach them because they work a lot. 

On Saturday, we had a member baptism, of the 8 yr. old son of our branch president. As the 1st counselor, I ended up directing and giving the welcome to the ward. I have never done that at a baptism so it was a good experience.  It was quite interesting because the mom came and decorated some chairs in front of the font and the window in front of the font, and then we had boutonnieres and it was more like a wedding than a baptism. I guess he had a birthday party and then all the kids came over and watched him get baptized.

Well, the weather is changing and it's really starting to heat up now.  We still have those rainy days, but I am finally sleeping now without being frozen in the night time which is a nice change after the last 6 months. 

Well, it is great to hear from everyone and hope that everyone is doing fantastic. Enjoying the fall weather.

Love, Elder Nelson