Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Crazy killin' week

Oct 21, 2013
Well, this was definately an interesting week. The weather was nice with only a little rain. It still continues to warm up a bit which is really nice and even some of the days are almost too hot, but it is sure nice to be warm.

Yesterday in church was good. My companion directed Sacrament Meeting for the second time and he did really well, he sure is improving with his spanish right now. We had a recent convert who gave his first talk and also blessed the sacrament after he recieved the priesthood last week and did really good with both. Its always fun to see someone that you helped in their conversion process be progressing in the gospel. I  gave a talk on the talk by Elder Hamilton of the Seventy. It has been a problem in our branch with people who leave right after sacrament meeting. This week about half of the ward is going to the temple in santiago which is a really cool thing for them.

On Thursday, when we got back to our house after lunch, we went in and there was about 60-70 flies in our house!  My companion and I went all rambo on them, and now our house looks like a WWII flies battlefield.

On Friday night, a member invited us to his house to go kill a pig, so we went over, it was a really interesting experience.

He had a huge pig, about 100 kilos (200lbs. or so). Another member who grew up in the country come out to kill the pig.  He hit is with an axe 3 times and got it down on the ground, we held it down and tied the feet and they slit the throat and drained blood until it died, then we tied it up and moved it.  It was so heavy. We singed off all of the hair and then cleaned off the burnt hair and flesh. Then we hung it up and butchered it. We took about 50 kilos (100ish lbs) of meat off the pig, and on Saturday we barbequed the meat and ate like kings.  We both ate about 6 or 7 large chunks of pork and I must say it was delicious.  The Chileans know how to do a pork barbeque.

When we were skinning the pig, the sister who was helping took a piece of the skin and started to eat it, telling us it was her favorite part. I almost puked trying to eat it.  I could eat the skin cooked but it is really hard and has little hairs in it which was gross to me. The flavor was not that bad.
So that was our crazy week of killing.  I'm sure that will be a big memory for me as a missionary and it was an interesting activity. So, if you want to have a BBQ, when I get home we can buy a pig and I can show you how to kill it. 

Love, Elder Nelson