Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My second October conference

October 7, 2013
This week was topped with amazing sessions of General Conference for us and sadly it is my last October Conference in the Mission field.

This was a busy week for us with a lot of traveling and conference.  We traveled to Puerto Montt, where I had an intercambio (change for the day with a leader). I worked there and then I went back Wednesday and worked normal. Thursday we had interviews in Puerto Montt with President Rappleye which was good, and then on Friday I had to go to Puerto Montt to do a baptismal interview. I have now done 4 as district leader and all have passed. Then as we were on the bus to go back to Los Muermos, there was a fight between two people who sell stuff like chocolates and drinks on the bus.  The bus was packed and it doesn't matter how many people are on the bus, they will keep accepting more until people are literally sitting on your lap. It is even worse when it is hot because some people have bad BO which just makes the hour to Muermos horrible. A Policeman had to get on the bus and break up the fight.  A women also got involved in the fight and by that point the man wouldn't hit her back although he should´ve because she was a dirty fighter, so we got even more delayed and then we couldn't work because we got back too late.

We weren't able to work that much this weekend with conference. On Sunday we heard our changes and Elder McDonald & I will be staying together in Los Muermos this cambio. I am very excited, we get along great and are going to see more fruits here.

This P-day, it has been so hot and we went and played basketball and volleyball. I learned two lessons the hard way today, #1) I am very out of shape and #2) I am very white, because I got winded when I started and then I got very burnt haha, but that's what you get for absolutely no sun for 6 months!

Well, it was a good week and I love it here and am very happy with everything.  I hope that all will have a great week.

Love,  Elder Nelson