Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Email rule changes and winter hike to the Volcano Osorno

Well, another crazy week from Los Muermos Chile.  Surprisingly it has been a very warm week (compared to the past weeks, although it is still freezing at night time).

We had two baptismal interviews this past week, which was kind of weird but crazy powerful. We went to the house to do their interviews because they had some problems and couldn't leave. We show up and the zone leader I was with came and started talking to the couple and the woman said that she has been thinking about it and just doesn't feel ready to be baptized but that she didn't have a doubt about what we share but maybe just a bit longer. So then the zone leader went and was interviewing her husband and I was talking with her while they were doing the interview. I was able to help her clear up alot of doubts that were kind of crazy, stuff she would have never said in front of her husband, and to help her resolve them. She started crying, and then I suggested to her to still talk to the interviewer and she said yes, and when she came out and she passed the interview. She told the interviewer that she wanted me to baptize and to confirm her, so I will have that opportunity and the husband is going to have his brother baptize him.

 Elder McDonald - Volcan Osorno in background
 Our winter hike to the top of Volcan Osorno
 White out up on top of the volcano
This week, we had the oppurtunity to go hike to the top of Volcan Osorno again, but this time was a lot different as it was freezing and the windiest I have ever been in my life. The snow felt like it was cutting my face, but it was fun, just really cold and we were basically in the clouds.

Those are the big hightlights of this past week. This next week will be baptisms, which I am excited  about and asking for all your prayers so that everything goes well.

I love you all and love the support, and just so you all know, we got new rules about our emails now. I can now send and recieve emails to  and from this email from everyone. We now have more time and can send as many emails as we want to anybody outside of the mission. 
I love you all,
Love Elder Nelson