Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fire & a Funeral

Zone Conference Aug 2013
I am standing right next to the Mission President (far left) sorry you can't see me very good.
This has been a good week, we are really helping a family to arrive at the doors of baptism, looking at the 31st of August, so pray that they can get there. This week we went to Puerto Montt twice; once for a district meeting and the other for a zone conference and with a ton of missionaries right now, nobody extra special came, but it was still a good conference.  Our mission has been focusing on helping alot of people come back to activity in the church. Over 1000 so far in our mission! Those in positions of leadership should give little asignments to less active members and they will start to come back, then just ensure their good reception, if it works in Chile, it can work in the states.

This week, we were in the house, teaching a less active sister and we start to  hear something from the wood burning stove and then the house starts to fill up with smoke, and we went outside and there was a bunch of smoke leaving the chimney. A whole bunch of people were there but me and my companion couldn't do that much to help so we went outside, and then the fire fighters came (great response by the Los Muermos fire dept), and the house was saved!. She thanked us for saving the house because God was with us. I tried to say we didn't do too much, because the firefighters and other poeple pushed us out of the way, but she wouldn't accept that and so we are kind of like heroes to her now. The fire started because the chimney was clogged, so make sure to clean out your chimnee, or it is dangerous.

Yesterday at church, only 18 people came. It was an all time low in any ward or branch I've been in in my mission. An active family of 6 had a death in the family so they didn't come, which made it so that we didn't have priesthood or RS, so we all went to the funeral.  It was in a catholic setting with a bunch of mormons giving talks and singing and stuff. It was kind of strange but I got my first chilean funeral.

Its been going well with Elder McDonald. He is progressing alot, especially in Spanish. But he is doing really good and will just keep getting better. It reminds me when I started and couldn't really speak too well, it is a frustrating time, but its all good.

Well, I hope that everybody is still keeping warm, and enjoying the sun. I am trying to enjoy the cold.

Take Care,

Love Elder Nelson