Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Hello family!
What a good week with a really good weekend. The week started out a little slow as we were still trying to get warm after our climb to the Volcan Osorno on Monday (our P day).  It was a very cold climb, but it was really great.
We had a baptism of a little family and I had the wonderful privelage of  baptizing the wife. A brother who is a member baptized the husband. It was a really good ceremony. The Saturday before though was dificult because we had to clean the baptismal font and it was really dirty with alot of spiders and dirt. That was kind of frustrating but we finally got it clean. It takes about 5 hours to fill up, so it was a long day at the church working on it and waiting to for it to fill, but in the end, they were about to make this wonderful covenant with Lord which made it such a great time. They were also confirmed on Saturday afterwards. I am so excited and proud of them. I am so proud that we have the restored gospel in our lives. I know that these people got baptized because of the Book of Mormon and the peace that it brings into our lives. They read Moroni 8 after the passing of their little son who was a preemie.  He lived just 7 days without being baptized (as they were catholic), but they knew that God is a God of love, and that he wants us to be happy so in the end they were able to read how the children under the age of 8 don't have need to be baptized. 
I have given both of them the goal of 100% the temple now. All my talks in  church that I give (which is about 1 every other week) are about the temple because people here just don't have the desires to go. I want to challenge all of my family members to go every week, or at a minimum 2 times every month.
Well, once again I've seen how the Book of Mormon can change the lives of people. It helped this little family come to know that they can be a forever family. What joy that can bring to all people. All are waiting for this message of peace and joy that the Lord has for our families. 

This week we also had a talent show in the church and me and Elder McDonald ended up singing at it. It wasn't the best singing job, that's for sure, and I think I heard some cats crying in the street, but it was fun and a new experience.

Well, I love you all and hope that everyone has a great week.
Congratulations to Lexi entering the MTC and best wishes to her learning the language and living the missionary life for the next 18 months.

Love, Elder Nelson