Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Missionary Broadcast

Hello everyone!
This was a good week capped off with a great broadcast last night by the Quorum of the Twelve.  I would encourage you to look it up on lds.org, it talked about the missionary work, and how important this work is at this time, the Lord really is hastening his work (D&C 88:73), it is an exctiting time to be a missionary. I am ready to make this last year of the mission truly count. The devotional was great to watch thinking that just a year ago, I was there being one of the young missionaries. Its incredible thinking of how the work has changed in year, and I can't imagine the next year.

This week, I had the opportunity to go to Puerto Montt and work there for a day.  It is weird being in a small city and then going to work in a big city. But I liked it. It is very, very cold here. Not as much rain, only every other day or so for 4 or 5 hours but the cold is hard to deal with.  My feet are always cold right now as its a very wet cold.  In reality it is only about 5 degrees celsius but that is with alot of wind and water and having to be outside all the time. Its still fun though. Puerto Montt is on  a big bay so it is even more cold there. 
We have been working hard and putting in the hours and are starting to see more results.  It's a great time. I am trying to see the real growth that Los Muermos can offer. It just all comes with the work. In the video from last night, the part by President Monson when he talks of St Thomas, really describes Los Muermos and what we want to accomplish. Also, there is a video from this broadcast with the songs:  I hope they call me on a mission and We´ll bring the world his truth; I saw those songs and it brought tears to my eyes thinking about the grand privelage that the Lord has entrusted with me. 

This past Sunday I taught elders quorum on the spot because nobody else had prepared anything, but it went really well. I taught the general conference address from Elder Uchtdorf in the priesthood session of the general conference. He talks about the 4 titles that we have as holders of the holy priesthood. This week we are going to have an activity with the branch.  This branch has a lot of activities which  I like haha.

Well, stay warm everyone,
Love Elder Nelson

Hey Mom, thats great with your new calling and that you are paying the organ a little more too. Without an organist, now you see how all of Chile is...

Well Take care, love you

Hey, I figure you are probably working, but I hope all is going great, and I would love to know who won the nba finals. i heard it was game seven but have no idea, also it would be great to know about the USA soccer and Honduras soccer for my companion, thanks!

Love, Jentry