Monday, July 8, 2013

Winter in Chile

Hola Todos,
Wow! the winter time has come, and it has come hard! It is very cold here, with a lot of rain and cold. I am so thankful for my winter clothes: rain boots, pants, scarf, gloves and jazz stocking hat. I use all of it all the time to try to stay warm.  It is also nice with a good fire that we have to get dry. This week was also a fun one on Wednesday night we had a power outage at about 9 o´clock in the night, while we were teaching a lesson. That was fun. So we finished with a prayer and walked to our house in the dark, and had to do everything that night with candle light, it was an interesting time, it made me think of all of the power outages that we have had in our houses haha, the lights ended up coming back on in the middle of the night. We were able to have a nice little fire going as well. 

This week in church we hit a high of 35 people that attended, with 8 of them being inactive. A family of 4 came back after years. We have been working with them a lot. This branch is an intersting challenge for me because I feel that I am having to divide my time between the branch and the investigators. I help with tithing, presidency meeting, and ward council and  whatever else needs to be done. I realize that we are helping to build this unit up. This week in church, i had the opportunity to conduct sacrament meeting. I have never done that before. I think that I will be giving a couple talks this next month as well.

Happy July 4th to everyone, especially my parents who are both celebrating their birthdays, and to the birthday of America. I hope everyone has a great 4th and enjoys the fireworks. I look forward to celebrating it with you the next year.

Espero que disfrutes patinando por tu cumpleaños y que lo cumplas feliz, 

Well, good luck with the heat, enjoy it, becuase i would love to have it right now.
Elder Nelson

PS, there is a sister here, who we have been helping to reactivate, she is so sweet, she lives alone, she called us this morning to tell us gracias (Thank-you) for all that we have done, and then said something like May God Bless you. I thought, in a year, it was the first time that someone has called us just to say thank-you, who doesn't need something. I hope that we can do things like that to people. It sure made our day, and it can make the days of everyone else, the missionaries, the people who we home teach, or anybody that we serve, lets have a grateful attitude to everyone who helps us.