Tuesday, June 18, 2013

First Counselor

Hello All!
This was a great week filled with new experiences, We were able to find some great people this week to teach, including a family that are great and want to follow Christ (not married of course...) but its funny because the guy is super nice but every other word is a swear word. I can finally understand most of the swear words.  Another thing is so uncomfortable here.  I think everyone has had a baby recently or in the past 2 years and is breast feeding in almost every lesson, which is so uncomfortable for us.  It happened 3 times in the 1st year of my mission and 6 times in the past week and nobody covers up down here. We can be in a lesson and a child of 2 years comes running up because he is hungry. Speaking of that, we were with a less active sister in our ward and  I told her about how my Mom taught me the piano, she asked me if i was a "Mamon" and I said a little, and she said "I bet your mother attended you until 5 or 6 years old". I think that that is one of the weirdest things that someone has asked me. 

This week we had an activity in the branch for fathers day which was nice, it was on Friday here but the day they celebrate is Sunday.  There was a little gift for the fathers and a little slideshow and then ping pong, (I dominate haha). 

This Sunday our branch president was out of town which meant that the first counselour was in charge (me) so I presided in all of the classes and the sacrament meeting. I had to take the sacrament first which was interesting. One of the speakers didn't show up so it changed my talk from 10 minutes to about 20ish minutes with playing the keyboard just like in all of the units. It all turned out good though. My talk was about how the ways of the Lord many times aren't our ways but we need to make sacrifices many times. It was nice to have that we had 3 less active members who haven't been at church in a long time there.

Welcome to Winter in Chile! It is starting to get really cold here, it rains and is very cold almost every day. I look forward to enjoying my last winter in Chile. I can't believe that one year has already passed by, it went so fast! I am scared to see how fast this next year will go! I am so grateful for all of the love and support that everybody has shown me, and I am exctied to have this last year serving the Lord and the Chileans. 

Enjoy the heat in the states and I will enjoy the cold.
Que Dios Les Bendiga!
Elder Nelson
 the ward building in Los Muermos
 Branch party for Father's Day in Los Muermos
Hey Papa!
Felicitaciones para tu nuevo llamamiento, sumo consejo, listo para destruir a todos.
No sé porque no me dijiste, pero está bien.
Hey Dad,  Happy Fathers day! I remember fathers day last year, and I am excited to have the next one with you (almost I think), I am so grateful for you example that you have set for me, especially from having set the comino by serving a mission, so forcing me to fulfill my priesthood responsabilities when I was lazy and didn't want too, I am so grateful for all that you did now and I sure do recognize it now, I wish you the best in this Father's day.
Gracias por todo que hacías y haces ahora para mi, te amo,