Monday, June 10, 2013

Birthday on a bus

Hello! what a great week!
I turned 20 this week in the mission field.  (Goodbye teenage years).  I spent my birthday on a bus going from Valdivia, Chile to Los Muermos, which is kind of like the boonies of Chile. The bus ride was 4-5 hours to our sector.  The house where we stay is nice and I will send more pictures next week of the area.  It is a way in the "campo" or far away from the city, about an hour and a half from Puerto Montt. There is just farming lands around.  It's great though and there are so many people that are waiting for the gospel here.  We are already excited to get started and find many.  It was difficult to leave Valdivia but I hope it is going to be a great time here with a lot of success.
It is a branch of about 30-40 members.  The fun part is that I am now the 1st counselor of the branch Los Muermos. I do all the things that a first counselor would do like direct the meeting, have meetings with the branch presidency, and assign people to give talks. It is definitely a new and exciting experience. It is also fun because for the 4th cambio (change) in a row, I am with a Latin companion, Elder Vasquez from La Esperanza, Honduras. I think my spanish is starting to get there. It has to or I couldn't communicate with my companion.

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes, it was one of the best birthdays that I have had.
Elder Nelson 

Hey mom and dad,
Thanks for helping me have a great birthday, it was  a fun experience to be here, I hope that you guys aren't roasting there while I am freezing, at least I am getting good at making a fire for when we go camping.  Love You, Jentry
Elder Vasquez from Honduras
 no candles so I just used a match