Monday, August 20, 2012

My week of "lasts"

Hey Family!
I hope you got the Email that shows my new travel plans, and know when you can expect a call. Thanks so much for both packages that i recieved since m last email. I have really enjoed hem especcially the Caramel Popcorn. Me and the rest of the Elders in the district and one of my teachers loved it. It was great and was gone by saturday night as i got it friday afternoon. Also the shoes fit great. I did have one problem with them though, i was playing basketball on wednesday and i landed on my ankle, it was a 2nd degree sprain but i was luck that nothing was broken, it swelled up really well and i couldnt walk on it until friday. I have a picture and everything is now fine, its just really bruisd but i am finally able to wear shoes. I had an elder in my disrict giv me a blessing and i am feeling great between that and icing it often and i did rehab during gym times. I also sent home a box that just has alot of letters. Im planning on wearing my coat on the Plane so i have a bunch of extra space. I sent it to Kassie and Jarens because it is free to send in Provo. I had infiel orientation which was alot of fun yesterday, i learned a lot about planning and contacting. The only bad part was it was in english so i don know how to do it in spanish haha. Well there isnt alot that has gone on this week other than my week of lasts, I hope everyone is doing well and am excited to talk to you on the phone on Monday, ive been looking forward to it for about 2 months haha. Love you and good luck on your talk tomorrow, i might have to give one, we write one everyweek in spanish and our branch president calls us out to give a talk at random. At least yours is in english.

Love you

Elder Jentry D Nelson