Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First letter from Chile - Hola...Po!

How are you and everyone else?
So I finally arrived in Chile Tuesday afternoon a little late because we had to land in Lima for a little and had an 1 hour layover there. Then we had another flight to Santiago and a long layover there, but I couldnt call because I discovered that I had to activate it internationally there. From Santiago to Osorno got delayed a little because of weather but we finally made it around 2pm local time in Osorno and sure enough when we arrived it was raining. We unloaded everything and went to the mission home for lunch of lasagna and for then had interviews and training meetings to get stuff worked out like our visas etc. After that we had a short devotional and went to a hotel a block away from the mission home and cleaned up there and stayed the night, I was so cold that night. The next day we went to the mission home to meet our trainer and go for a little more training and then go to our area. My trainer is named Elder Rupp from Pleasant View, UT and has about a year in the mission and we are in the small town of Frutillar. Its very beautiful and is on the lake which is gorgeous. The part that is on the lake is in my sector but is a little far away and has alot of tourists but I can see 2 volcanoes there, including Volcan Osorno. Its awesome.
After that we went and tracted and then taught, I feel I need work on talking to people in the street and at doors but I can talk to anyone inside their houses. I couldn't understand anyone at first but its starting to come around, we have been having some success, its kindof difficult becuase my companion and I are kind of opening up a new sector. The language is a little better every day which is a good thing. Its difficult because everything that I have heard about Chile is true, the bread is great, people say po alot and they don't pernounce s´s and I can't understand the people that don't have teeth at all. There is some sad things and there are dogs everywhere and I do mean everywhere, there are dogs that are just laying in the street and no one know if it is dead or alive. It has also been very cold here as well, I've been wearing my thermals everyday with a longsleeve shirt, sweater, coat, gloves and a hat and most days I carry my umbrella around. Luckily it hasn't been too rainy, only one day has it rained, but it rained alot! I had to wear rain pants and a coat along with an umbrella. I sure  do love it here though, the people are nice, some are mean but for the majority are nice, and its pretty and is going to be fun to see how it changes as I get into the summer months.  Today, I had to go to a town called Puerto Montt which is probably the biggest towns in the mission. I had to go there for some visa stuff but it is alot bigger than Frutillar, which is nice. It is so big that it has a Pizza Hut and a McDonalds, we went to McDonalds but when we have to return in October, I think that we are going to go to Pizza Hut. After we went and did a little grocery shopping in a town called Puerto Varas which is also the zone that we are in and is one of the coolest cities I have been to. You will have to look at the pictures and see the places like the church and the volcanoes look better than how the pictures make them look. Another thing is i am still trying to catch up on sleep from traveling so every night I just about pass out but I'm almost there, just exhausting work. We live in little cabañas which are like little huts and it sure is cold in the morning, we have an estufa de leña which is a wood stove to help us stay warm and a space heater. In the morning is the only time when it is really bad. We live with two other elders who have Frutillar alto, we have Fruttilar bajo, one of the elders is from Argentina Norte. He is awesome and really helps me with my spanish because he doesn't speak any English. That's what is the best help is having to only talk in spanish.
Well for the most part I am loving it here (other than the cold and the nasty dogs that are everywhere, and I do mean everywhere, they follow us and stuff all the time)
I hope everything is going good in los estados unidos.
Love you, (Pictures are attached and i will explain them and send more every week. )
Take Care
Love Elder Jentry Nelson
Hey, so there was something wrong with the pictures so i will send them next week, sorry.