Monday, August 27, 2012

I'm in Frutillar, Chile

View to Lake Llanquihue and volcano Osorno from Frutillar village.After a little web surfing...I found the mission blog kept by the President's wife.  Here is her picture of the new arrivals last week.  He's in the very middle and he looks very happy (and tired).  And after a little investigation of his own (following his debit card trail), his dad found that he is in Frutillar which is located on the shores of Lake Llanquihue, just a short drive around the lake from the larger city of Peurto Varas. Frutillar has managed to maintain the strong German influences of its orginal settlers through the years. When Jentry got his call, he looked up the area and found this beautiful picture of the volcano called Osorno.  He immediately put it as his screen saver on his laptop. Now being in Frutillar, he has a perfect view of that volcano.  How cool is that!