Thursday, April 10, 2014

Happy General Conference weekend!

April 7, 2014
I hope that everyone had a great general conferance weekend listening to the servants of the Lord this past week, I sure was loving it but we will get to more of that in a minute.
This week started out crazy. On Tuesday we were on our way to district meetings when we got a call from some sisters in the zone telling us that there was a Jew that was a bit toasted and drunk that wanted to go to the district meeting with them, but I told them no. We got to the district meeting and the sisters were trying to ditch the guy but he wouldn't leave them alone so I went and tried to talk to him and he was high as a kite and I told him that he wasn't allowed to the meeting that it was only for missionaries. He kept calling me a discriminator for people of other religions and he kept getting mad at me and just wanting to fight me. I told him that he couldn't go because he just wanted to argue with everyone. I invited him on to go on Sundays and he got mad and started going into the church. I told him to leave and he wouldn't so I called the caribineros (police) on him and while I was looking for the address of the church he left by force from a larger member that was setting up stuff for the conference. I think I was the only one who was daring enough to get him out -- but that was fun.
That day we also went on an intercambio with another sector in Osorno, I was with an elder from Peru and we saw a drunk guy passed out on the grass and he had blood running from his nose and face and was choking on blood. My companion for the day wanted to just keep walking but I didn't want to stop so we went and found a neighbor and they called an ambulance. It was amazing how many people just walked by him. It made me think of the good Samaritan. We came back a little later and the guy was gone so I think that he was taken care of and was alright in the end.
We were doing a good bit of intercambios this week and hardly the time to work in the sector together with my companion. On Friday we had a zone leaders counsel which was good as have a lot of really good things from the mission and president rappleye gave alot of good compliments to our zone as we have been teaching more in our zone which is great.
On saturday and sunday, i was again in a little office watching general conference in ENglish but it was such a good session, i especially loved the talks of Elder Holland, both President Uchtdorf talks, President Monson in the PRiesthood session and Elder Oaks, i think it is so wonderful to have these church leaders that love us. The only way to find happiness is to follow their counsel. I felt like a common theme as well was loving God more than all other things and loving our neighbor more than all other things. It is wonderful to have this kind of loving guide and inspiration.
I hope that all is well, i am more and more excited to see everyone every day, but i am trying my hardest to work hard and take advantage of the experience that i have and am actually teaching more than ever in my mission. I sure am going to miss this special time in my life.
I love you all.
Elder Nelson
 Our current Zone.  I have the most time here (me: Bottom left corner)
 Elder leaving to go home
Doing Zumba with our mamita's down syndrome son