Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Happy 18th of September!!! Chile's Independence Day!

Hello, this week is going to be a fun one.  It is the 18th of September which is the equivalent of the 4th of July, or in other a big holiday to dance the cueca (the national dance of Chile, look it up on youtube) and eat empenadas,which I will be enjoying to its fullest. I am way excited, but it will be hard to work this week. We aren't allowed to work normally on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday and Saturday night I have to go to Puerto Montt to do a baptismal interview. This week will be a hard week to get much work done, but it will be a fun one, and the next 18th of Sept, we are going to have a big huge empenada eating day back home in the states. 

There have been a lot of parades this past week where all the little children are marching and there was a really funny moment. There is a drunk that everyone in the town knows (named Osito which in spanish means little bear), who is always directing traffic and the buses which is hilarious.  He was trying to direct the  band. I thought it was so funny because the band was playing with him. I am only getting more excited for all the drunks that are going to be out because the holidays here in Chile are used for drinking.

Last week, with the 10th & 11th of Sept, where we weren't allowed to work due to the celebration, nothing ended up happening in Los Muermos, but in Santiago there was a handful of badness with a bunch of burned buses and other crazy things.

Another fun experience was we were walking in the street yesterday and a little kid came up and gave my companion the biggest, longest, most awkward hug of his life. My companion had no idea what he was doing and it was super funny.

It is nice because it is finally starting to heat up to be able to work without a jacket which I haven't done in about 6 months but the nights are still bitter cold.  The missionary work has been slow for two weeks (last and this week) with all the holidays and celebrating and we're ready to get back to work.  We hope to have a baptism in the next couple weeks of a girl whose membership and baptism records aren't there in MLS so that should be fun to get straightened out.

Also, speaking about the Cueca (Chilean dance), I have been learning how to dance it and I am almost a pro, so everyone watch out when I get home.


Happy 80th Birthday Grandpa Erickson! 

Love, Elder Nelson
 We saw this dog with his tongue hanging way out!
 It's 9:55 and church starts at 10:00! 
Eventually 24 people ended up coming but even the branch president came at 9:58.
The streets are "littered" with puppy parties!