Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom!

Hello All!
What a great week and super short! We had a party in the ward to say good bye to Elder Vasquez and then on Tuesday we went to Puerto Montt to stay the night because as we had to be in the air terminal at 6:30am on Wednesday morning. I woke up at 5:00am to be in Osorno to obtain Elder Mcdonald and to have a short traning meeting for the trainers. It went well and we got back to Los Muermos  around 5:30 pm to start his day. We taught a little but he was a little lost with the language. He has been improving a lot! Every day he understands a little bit more and with no time he will be speaking great.  It's nice. He has a lot of entheusiasm, and I even had him give a talk in church on Sunday which he did great.  How well I remember that new feeling!

Speaking of church, the Branch President wasn't there this week so I was presiding, directing and teaching sunday school.  I got a phone call that one of the persons assigned to speak wasn't going to give their talk because they didn't prepare, which i was pretty annoyed with that. I thought about what mom would say, "lack of preperation on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine".  Oh well, I ended up giving a talk of 30 minutes because the other talks were short, so with 5 minutes of preparation, I talked about obedience, then I taught sunday school afterward on the priesthood. Now I am hoping that somenone stands up and claps to make everything interesting in our branch because to get them to sing a semi-familiar song they don't even try.  We did have good attendence even without 2 active families who were vacationing.

This week we found alot more people which is great, I'm excited, we are working hard and are seeing the blessing,  It will be a fun and challenging 12 weeks here but it will be great and I will grow alot as will Elder McDonald.
I hope that you had a happy birthday. I thought about you all day yesterday and hope that you had a great day.
I love you all! Take care,
Love, Elder Nelson

 Picking up Elder McDonald in Osorno
 Where in the world are we?
 My new trainee - Elder McDonald, West Valley, UT - USA
 Our little branch in Los Muermos, party for Elder Vazquez as he goes home
 Beautiful winter sunsets in Los Muermos