Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Trainer, 1st Counselor & District Leader!

Good Day All,
We are currently sitting on an 8 day streak of rain, so I hope that everyone is enjoying the warmth and we only  have 2 more months of winter here. Also, I think its funny that dad and I now have the same calling - 1st counselor. We´ll be able to give each other pointers on how to do our job, the only thing is you have organizations and other stuff.  Los muermos would die without the missionaries, and to top it all off this week, the branch president will be in Santiago so that puts me in charge again. 

We have the cambios this week, it looks like Elder Vasquez is finishing his mission so it would be impossible to be together another change. On Saturday, I got a phone call from President Rappleye to tell me of the next cambio. I will be training an elder from West Valley, UT, named Elder McDonald. He then informed that I will be made the district leader as well.  It will be alot of responsibilities as counselor, trainer and district leader but I am excited to have this oppurtunity to work. I will be needing all the prayers that I can get! So it looks like I will be in Los Muermos for the next 3 months as the training program is 12 weeks.

Mom, I like the story of the homeless guy, now you know a little how I feel with all of the drunks who want to talk to us all the time, they are the only ones who want to talk to us sometimes.

It sounds like everyone had a fun week. That's fun that Jeni and Callie were able to go see grandma and grandpa.
At church yesterday there was some visitors in church (we had 38 in church yesterday, almost full), and they had a little girl that was about 4 months old. I thought about Callie. Also speaking of my photo book of my family that I have, people always say that some of the pictures look like they came from a magazine! The one of Jeni and Cam when they got hitched, and the ones of Kassie and Jaren when they got hitched haha, and people asked me if mom was my sister haha. I love showing the pictures, chileans dont really have family pictures, nor do they smile when someone takes pictures haha.

Well I will send pictures next week, sorry I don't have any this week, but i will have some of my new companion etc.

Love You All

Elder Nelson