Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day 2013

Happy Mother's Day!
This week was a great week, topped off with a great sunday night talking to all of my family.
Early in the week we had a zone conference with our mission president, John Rappleye. He is great! He talked alot about obedience and about all the new sister missionaries and the importance of staying away (not flirting) from the "snakes" (women age 16-25 that only want to send missionaries home). It was great, we learned that there are alot of hermanas here now. I just do my own business and stay clear. 
On Friday, I thought I had a little bit of an ingrown townail that was starting, and I called the sister who is in charge of feet here (She is a member) and she looked an I had just a little problem, so she cleaned it out, but I couldn't work on Friday, which was alright because we had an activity it the ward, which was another talent show, this time with a lot more people that came (60! which is about 30 more than come to sacrament meeting). It was good and really fun. The youth prepared a lot of stuff and it was special for the mothers. There was one act a little uncomfortable, it was a guy who sang a song about his mother, it was a little weird but he's a nice guy.  Because I couldn't be working during that time I was able to watch.
Saturday I could work but only if it wasnt raining, because my foot couldn't get wet, that was rough because it rained almost the whole day (I couldn't wear a boot either), but sunday was great. About 8 o'clock, we went downtown to a call center where Elder Barriga called his family. Then we came back and I had some problems with communicating, but in the end we finally got it worked out, it sure was great to talk and I loved seeing my little neice in her leapord pants. I thought that those were pretty cute. I'm excited to see her in a year, and I can't believe how the time has flown.  The next time that we talk for mother's day I will be wrapping up my time.  It was so great and am so grateful for my family and especially my wonderful mother, who I am so glad that she had a great mothers day. She feels very blessed to have three great kids, but we are also very blessed to have a great mother, who is always there.
Mom, I was thinking about the little lessons that you have taught me that I am now putting into practice:
1. Piano
2. Nelsons don't do that
3. Priesthood holders don't do that
4.Respect women
5. Clean my room
6. Cook and clean up while you cook
7. Wake up without someone yelling "Jentry!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT TIME IS IT???
8. When I hear someone banging on the ceiling, that means: "Come here!"
9. Nothing like a good night hug before bed
10. Nothing like hugs from your mom
11. Moms are important!
Thanks so much for all you do,  I am very blessed for everything, and I love you a lot!
LOVE, Jentry
Zone Conference May 2013 - Valdivia