Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Help from the Rain


I will be calling to mom at the number 208-***-3870 in a little bit to verify the google phone call this sunday for 6 in the afternoon CHILE TIME, which I believe is at 4 time in Idaho, I encourage jeni and cameron to also get google and I can talk with everyone, because with google, more than one can talk, please call and organize it with the other member of the family and I will be calling later today, I forgot the numbers so if this doesn't answer, I will be calling jaren at his number so tell him to be ready with backup. If there are problems, let me know and I will change the time but please verify the time change here. Thanks, can't wait to talk to you guys.
Hey all, this week was a very wet week, with rain everyday all day. I made good use of my rain pants, its nice, because when it rains a lot, I just wear my thermals and a pair of gymshorts underneath and its perfect, but it was great also because we can finally use our firewood to keep warm and to dry our clothing, this is very intense rain here in the south, and always raining, but I love it, it sometimes helps us get into houses when people see us very sad and miserable outside, they let us in.

It was a good week, we got a handful of good references, and finally found someone that we had been trying to find, who is so good, she is going to get baptized soon I think, her and her son. Its great to see the level of trust from the members is really growing as they are giving us more referencias of good people. 

Yesterday, I did another special musical in church, this time I played A Poor wayfaring Man of Grief from the Paul Cardall piano book, it was great, my papito told me that it is very precious and everybody said that they liked it alot, it feels so good to be able to bless the people down here with music.

This week, we will be having another zone conference here in Valdivia. We'll see if a general authority comes.

Well, I want you to know how hard I laughed when I saw the picture of milk buddies from Jaren. I showed it to my companion and he thinks that we are a pretty weird family haha.
I was thinking of Cameron yesterday for his birthday and want to wish him a Happy Birthday, a big boy and now a father. 

Well hope that everything is going great for everyone, Love you all and can't wait to talk to everyone on Sunday for Mother's Day.

Love Elder Nelson
A giant competo