Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dry Members and Eternal investigators

Sounds great that everyone could attend the baby blessing, that is way cool. Wish I was there but I am where I should be right now.
This was a good week, we had the opportunity to speak in church this week, I think that I gave a good talk. I talked about three things that we as members can do to show the love that we have for our neighbors, seek with diligence, open our mouth and be examples. It's a good ward, they just need a little more motivation to do the work here, but we are getting there. We are getting a lot closer with a couple that we are teaching named Raquel and Jovito, they just have to get married but we found out that Jovito has fear because his first marriage was bad, so we will have to see because right now they are "dry members" which means that they are attending church without ever having been baptized, but Jovito is just a little hard headed with that he doesn't want to get married but we are working with them a lot so that they don't be "eternal investigators" and that they can receive the blessing that they could receive. They are really great people but they just can't take that next step. 

It was also a good experience yesterday because we learned that most of the priesthood in this ward don't really know how to give a blessing, so we taught them how to  give a blessing, it was a little difficult because it took the entire hour but they finally got it down we hope and now we only have to review every week for a little bit until they have it down.

Its great here to see how much the work is progressing, there are a lot more missionaries here in this mission, in our zone, 2 more sectors were opened up for the sister missionaries, its is very true how the work is going forward right now, its a great time to be a member of this church and to have the opportunity to have these blessings. I invite all of us to be missionaries as well in all the places that they may be, in D&C33: 7-10 talks of how we should open our mouth 3 times, may i invite all to do the same in opening their mouth three times, the 1st to declare that Jesus is the Christ, The Savior of the World, that Joseph Smith really saw the Father and the Son and that the priesthood was restored to him, and the third time is that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, I know these things are true. 
I love You all and am very excited and blessed for the opportunity to be able to talk with my family in a couple weeks. Take Care,
CHAOOOOO--Elder Nelson
PS.  Hey Grandma and Grandpa (Mom and Dad) haha,
I hope that everything is going great, it is cold here but we can use the firewood on Wednesday. Thanks for everything that you do.  Love Jentry
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