Monday, March 25, 2013

The Talent Show

Hey Familia!

It was great to hear from everyone.  We were super busy all week.  On Wednesday we had interviews with President Rappleye and it was really good. When we finished we got a phone call from the zone leaders.  One of them was going on an emergency transfer out of Valdivia and had to pack, and the other had a meeting with the Stake President of the Valdivia and Calle Calle stakes, so he asked me to go with him.  The meeting included the zone leaders, stake presidents, President Rappleye and Elder Wilhelm. I think it was interesting to be in a meeting with my Mission President and Jaren's Mission president. We talked about ways to help activate those that have lost their way.

We have been teaching a man who is really nice, but doesn’t have any legs.  He is always super calm and talks very calm.  It was surprising when his friend came over to tell him something and he started yelled a bunch of swear words at him (I now understand the bad words), I just hink it is funny because I wasn’t expecting it and it was right after we asked him to end with a prayer.

I also had another fun experience with some drunks this week.  We were looking for an address  and a bunch of drunks started coming over to talk to me and the one said he had 3 questions: who is God? Who is Jesus? Who is Jehovah? and who is the Son of God? Then he started taking off his shirt  (again). He started to talk to Elder Barriga a little and another one started talking to me and telling me how I killed the Mapuches (Natives to Chile) and how mad he was that I killed him and how he really doesn’t want to punch me but if he has to, he will. And then he spat in my face, which was gross because it was beer & tobacco saliva.

On Friday we had a talent night at the church. We had about 25 people come. I played a couple of songs on the piano. Some other people sang and danced and we felt it was a good turnout. We are trying to get the people of the ward more involved because they are a little lazy.

Well this was the week for me. Have a great week.

Love Elder Nelson
la casita (our apartment)
 our kitchen
 My zone: youngest (top left) to oldest (bottom right)
My companion Elder Barriga