Friday, March 15, 2013

Lanco, Chile

Hello family!
Well it's another rainy week in Valdivia, but it was a good week. We found a great guy named Ricardo and some families to teach.  They seem really good. It's been really hard to find people in the past month because they have been traveling and having visitors, but the school just ended their summer break and are back to having to stay here all the time.
A few weeks ago, a zone leader in a city called Lanco, his lung exploded and was in the hospital but then he was transferred here to be in my zone, so this week all of the elders in the zone took turns taking care of him, so that his companion could work in his sector, so I got to just hang out with him one night, and then on Friday I had the opppurtunity to go to Lanco so he could get all of his clothes that he left there.  It was fun to see another part of the mission. Lanco is a small city about an hour north of Valdivia with alot of trees. It felt like I was going camping.  (Speaking of which, I can't wait to go camping next year)

This week we received a call from the Mission President and it appears that Elder Mendoza will be leaving this sector to go to Puerto Montt, and I will be getting a new companion named Elder Barriga from Santiago, Chile. I'm hoping that my spanish is really going to get good now. I'm going to learn all of the Chilean slang. It's definatelly different to have a latin as a companion, but I like it. 

It is exciting to start another cambio, I can believe how fast the mission goes, I'm already in my 6th cambio out of 16 almost with 9 months. 

Sorry, this was not the most exciting week that i have ever had,  but it was good.

I hope the best for everyone in all that they do, 

Que Dios Les Bendiga

Elder Nelson