Monday, March 18, 2013

New Companion

Dear Family,
What a week! This week Elder Mendoza and I parted ways as he went to Puerto Montt.  I am now here with Elder Barriga of Santiago, Chile. He is great.  He is a convert of about 3 years, and we have about the same time in the mission. It was a good week, we found a lot of good people who we are going to start seeing who will progress and are ready for the gospel in their lives. We started teaching a guy named Ruben who is really good, but its sad because he was in a train accident and now he has no legs so it will be a challenge to get him to come to church. 

This past Sunday, my companion and I gave talks in church as well. We talked about magnifying the calling and helping others to come back (sublimanaly stop being so lazy). This is a ward of old people and nobody wants to do anything so we are working hard to animate them to start working because the attendence is around 30-40 every week.

We have really been working hard to work with the bishop here which is helping..  We have an activity this Friday which is a talent show. We´re praying that the ward shows us some suport in this talent show and that people will come and inactive members will want to come.

We are still getting alot of cold but only in the morning. I am back to sleeping with thermals for the next 8 months.

I love you all and am happy for Mom and Dad and their new house purchase.

Love Elder Nelson