Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Hey Everybody.  How is it going?
Well it sure has been a wet week, Thursday the rain caught us coming back from lunch without anything, we got very wet as we didn't have anything to help, and it also started hailing very hard. That was interesting to see hail in Chile. This week we also taught alot of people, and this Friday, we are going to be having a baptism so next week we will be doing that with Elder Rupp baptizing Marcos and I will confirm him on Sunday. I am very excited for that. We will also find out the changes on Saturday so that will also be in my next email. I can't believe that I have been here for almost 4 months in Chile. The time sure goes by fast.

On Tuesday, I recieved the Christmas package from home and sure do love the stuff that I have opened. Especially the Reflections of Christ CD and the movies. I have already watched some of the movies with investigators, including the special witnesses of Christ. They are all great and I really enjoyed the candy too. I set up the tree but I forgot to take a pictre of the tree but will take one for next week. I also am not sure about the phone call situation right now but will still be emailing while I am here next Monday if you guys could go check the internet the Monday night that you are away, let me know where I need to send the email. I am very excited for all this to come.

Well, I hope that everybody in the states is enjoying this time of year, I sure am, it's a great time to be here, serving the Lord at this special time of the year, probably one of the most selfless christmas` that I have ever had.

I hope everybody keeps the real meaning of Christmas in their heart at this time of the year.
Love you all,  Elder Nelson

 We went to a cool place called saltos de Petruhue, a way cool place