Monday, October 22, 2012

So close...

Well this was a good week, we are so close to having a baptism with the one investigator who needs to marry first, she is about ready and is going to a bigger town about 20 minutes away to see about a wedding date and then immediatly after, the is going to be baptized. We also had a little miracle on saturday night. After not having the best day, we were going by some ancient investigators and we went to one whom we have talked to in the past named Miguel. We came to his house and his wife named Anna came out, we talked to her and did the normal thing "we're the missionaries... and asked if miguel was there because h'es who we have talked to in the past. She said that "miguel doesn't like the missionaries...but he's not here anymore". We found out that Anna had been taking the missionary discussions about two years ago, but her husband didn't like it so we had to stop but she said he was always coming home drunk and violent, he ended up getting taken away for domestic violence because there is 2 children with whom he is violent as well. She said that ever since he's left, they no longer sleep in fear, they are happy and have a peace. She grabbed her book of mormon that she still had after 2 years and asked if we knew how to get back in touch with the missionaries from over two years back. We then were just kind of probing to see what she thought about everything and she told us that she knows that the book of mormon is true, that the church is true and she wants to be baptized and had plans to come to church before we passed by. A true miracle and she just told us so many times how happy, that domestic violence just makes me sick. I'm excited and I feel in the next month we are going to have a handful of baptisms.

The other thing this week is it is nice that I don't feel sick at all, I have been great, was just a little thing, and when I was eating lunch after the branch with some awesome members, I showed them the family picture and they said three things in particular "Los gringos siempre tenga buenas fotografias familiares" which is the white people always take good pictures, how me and mother look alot a like and they talked about our salchicha (Sausage referring to oscar). It was fun, its also fun to hear about the eleccions, people down here are always asking for our opinion, I haven't been on American soil for 2 months, and havn't seen tv for 4 so I don't know.
Our little branch is doing good as well, we found out that we are 2 full tithe payers away from becoming a ward which is way exciting. Yesterday I played the piano, I played prelude from that Paul Cardall and everybody loved it, super quiet while I played and really invited the spirit into the meeting when everybody was listening. I then got asked by the primary president to play the piano for their primary program in a couple weeks on the 11th of November. And she also wants me to do a special musical number for it to help kill time because everything is short with a small branch, I still miss the Huff kid haha. So right now as far as I know, I haven't gained any weight, I'll have to go weigh myself one day though, I look about the same. My favorite foods right now is empenadas and a thing called sopapilla, which is like fried bread, I get one of those with a thing called pebre which is kind of like salsa and is super good. A lot of places sell it for 300 pesos which is about 60 cents for a big one. I don't cook too much because we have a big lunch at the mamitas house and only eat a little at night, I have made stuff like nachos and grilled cheeses though.

Well I hope that everything is going well, Everybody is in my prayers especially grandma right now. (If the family does any type of special fast for her let me know and I would like to participate)

Love You,
Elder Nelson