Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Hola Familia,

In the past week we have had a drastic change in the weather, we had the 3 hottest days from Monday to Wednesday and then we had rain since then, but the good news is that this is the first week I haven't had to wear thermals and some times I don't have to wear a sweater, so it's almost the summer, but we are starting to see spring come. So I am officially done with my first cambio or change which is every 6 weeks, I stay with my companion during training for 2 cambios or 12 weeks, so in another 6 weeks I will know who will be with a new companion. With this cambio, we are losing our latin from Argentina so now we are going to have 4 gringos which I guess doesn't happen very often.

So our baptism that fell, we are still stopping by her house 2-3 times a weeks and last night we went over the baptismal questions and she is so ready with everything, she only needs to get married, but she's in the process of it so I hope to have a baptism soon. Really exciting. So yesterday, at church the power was out in the entire town so we had sacrament meeting in semi darkness and no microphone that worked, and president wilhelm came to the meeting, It was cool to see him again, but it was bad because the piano is electric, and me and my companion were going to do a musical number which I arranged to the Paul Cardall - I Know That My Redeemer Lives and Elder Rupp singing it in spanish, so I guess we´ll have to do that in two weeks or so after general conference. This week was kind of hard at times because I had my first experience with the testigos de Jehova (Jehovas witness). One called the Book of Mormon crap andIi told him he hasn't even read it and it only talks of Christ in the book, and I invited him to read it and then he can judge it and all he said was he doesn't need to try dangerous stuff to know that it is dangerous. Other than that, nothing too exciting happened.
Love you all, Elder Nelson
Me in front of volcan osorno, and in person looks even cooler.