Monday, October 8, 2012

Piano by the Lake

a piano sculpture by the lake


Well first of all, what a General Conference! Its amazing how much I can get out of Conference when I am paying attention and not sleeping haha...It was amazing when they changed the age of missionary service, one year too late haha. I´ve heard that they are already planning on bigger and better things such as more missions and more teachers and buildings at the mtc. We are going to see a great increase in sisters more than anything. I luckily got to watch all of the sessions in english with the other 3 gringos here in frutillar, we watched it on a computer in the clerks office. I loved seeing all of the missionary work things that were brought up. 'Im so blessed to be a part of the work.

How was the session in person? It was awesome here, we had some investigators come to all of the sessions including the man came to the priesthood and the women came to the womens one which they did before the sessions on saturday, the priesthood was so late though, it was from 9-11 at night, we were so tired that night. It was awesome to see the investigators there though, I think that they are close, only need to get married. I'm hoping it happens soon though.

The elders in my district also had a special fast for the investigators yesterday through today hoping that something will get worked out for their marriage and then we went down to frutillar bajo and had a dish called pichanga which is just like french fries, all types of meat (chicken, sausagee, beef), hard boiled eggs, palta (Avacado), tomatoes, and some other weird stuff on it but it was so good, it was kind of expensive becasue we could only find it in fruttillar bajo which up the price because it's where all the rich tourists go. The plate was for 4 of us and cost 12.000 pesos=$25 bucks but it was so good. It was a good way to end a fast.

Well I hope that everyone is doing great, Love and miss you all

Love Elder Jentry Nelson